Monday, May 19, 2014

Cruz's Last Day Of Preschool 2014

Friday was Cruz's last day of preschool.  To celebrate I made him a sunshine pancake for breakfast.  He loved it!
I added the whipped cream a little too early and the hot banana pancake melted it a bit.

breakfast on his last day of preschool

Of course I had to take a few pictures...
and do a little comparison.  Oh my how he has grown and changed over the last 4 months.

Ben wanted in the pictures too.

It says "English preschool" because that is what Cruz called it. 

me and Cruz on his last day of school

I am going to miss driving him there everyday and our sweet conversations in the car.  We began each  morning with prayer (sometimes I would pray and sometimes he would pray).   We also sang a song ("This is the day the Lord has made") every morning as we drove there.  Those are some sweet memories and I'll miss it.

Here is Cruz with Mrs. Linda.  She is the Director.  This was her last year at the preschool.  She is retiring after 35 years of working there.  She has been a great blessing to many families over the years and definitely a blessing to us these last few months.

Normally I take Cruz to school and David picks him up.  But on his last day we all three went to get him.  I thought he would like that and he did.  As a special surprise we stopped by Janie's Bakery and let him pick out a treat to eat after lunch.  He chose a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles.  He ate all of his lunch and then every single bite of that donut.  He loved it!

who doesn't love donuts!

He has already asked if it was a school day today.  I sadly had to tell him no.  He really enjoyed his time there and that makes my heart happy.

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