Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cruz's 4th Birthday Eve

Birthday's are a pretty big deal around our house. They only come around once a year so I figure why not go all out and make them extra special.  This year was the first year my boys have celebrated with family in the States and sadly will be the last for many more years.  I was very glad that family got to be a part of both of their special days.  For Cruz we ended up celebrating two days- one with my family and one with David's family.  Here is how we spent his birthday eve.  We celebrated it with my mom and dad.

We began the day (Sunday, May 25) by attending worship at our home church Harmony Baptist in Crystal Springs.  I had us take a family photo before we left.  I am glad my guys are good sports about picture taking (most of the time).  It is definitely something that I enjoy and I will treasure the photos for years to come.
our family at the Gallman house

After church and a quick lunch we met my mom and dad and drove to Jackson.  We had plans to spend the afternoon at the Jackson Zoo.   It is a place that I visited many times as a child so it holds a special place in my heart.  I love being able to take my own children there now.  It just makes my heart smile.

our family at the Jackson Zoo

We decided to ride the train first just in case they closed it early.

me and my precious boys on the train

Is he really four years old???

Where do we go first?

Thankfully he has a daddy that doesn't have a phobia of reptiles.  I waited outside while they checked those creatures out.  When they were done Cruz came running out and said "mama, that snake was THIS big!!!".  yikes


taking a rest break

as always they both loved riding the carousel

When we had seen all of the animals we spent the rest of our visit letting the kids play.

family time at the zoo

When we returned home the boys wanted to play in Paw Paw's car.  We ended up taking a little cruise through the back roads.  It was a fun thing to do and the boys loved it.
riding in my dads 'ol car

For supper we all headed to Hazlehurst to eat at the Mexican restaurant.  Just like for Ben's birthday I wanted to add that Latin touch to his celebration.  It was the same place we ate for Ben's birthday so that was special too. 

my mom brought a cookie cake for our dessert

blowing out his candle

The waiters came out to sing in Spanish just like they did for Ben.

and they shared a little whipped cream too, ha

he was a great sport!

We came home and watched the boys play in the sprinkler until it got dark.  They had a blast.

It was then time for presents-
my mom reading Cruz's birthday card to him

Cruz opening gifts from his Mimi

telling Mimi "thank you" for his birthday gifts

he loved this Ninja costume

And then it was bedtime.  I teared up a little when I tucked him in.  Where have the years gone?  My baby is growing up.  As sad as I am about that I also have a lot of anticipation to see him mature and grow into the person God created him to be.  He's a wild one, but I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world.  He's the one God chose for us to raise and even though it can be terribly difficult at times it is also a great joy. 

His last night as a 3 year old.  Sweet dreams little man.  You are loved!!!

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