Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Many Hats We Wear

On Tuesday of this week I had the privilege of attending the local WMU Spring Meeting/ Luncheon.  It was for the Lincoln Baptist Association churches.  The theme was "The Many Hats We Wear" so as you can guess we were all asked to wear hats.  I thought that was a fun idea but I didn't have a hat.  So, I did what anyone does when in a jam- I called someone who could help.  The first person that came to mind was my friend Malinda.  She loves hats!  Here is a blog post that she wrote about her  love of hats.  She has a good collection so I asked her to help me out.  She sent me a few pictures of some she has but mentioned that her favorite was a blue one and wanted me to wear it.  So blue it was.   I made plans to pick it up and went out to find a shirt to match it.  I think the outfit came together perfectly!
Me before I left for the meeting.  I felt so pretty and Southern, ha.
Mrs. Mollie Smith picked me up.  She is the wife of Bro. Talmadge Smith who is currently filling in as Interim Director of Missions for the Lincoln Association until they fill the position.  We knew Bro. Talmadge from years ago when we would get him to do his ventriloquism act at our church's summer children's camps.  We always enjoyed him doing that for us.  Anyway, we arrived early and I got to help them put the finishing touches on the decorations.  The meeting was held at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church and I can't say enough about how nice their fellowship hall was.  It was just simply beautiful!  It was by far the prettiest one I have ever seen. 

getting the banquet tables ready
The program was held in the sanctuary.  A group of ladies from Pleasant Hill sang several songs and then we enjoyed the guest speaker- Ellen Champagne.  Pleasant Hill is Ellen's home church but she currently lives in Clinton, MS where her husband is a professor at Mississippi College.  She shared about femininity and the woman's role in the home, church, and community.  It was a wonderful message and spoke to my heart. 

the New Heart Singers from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

After the program we went into the fellowship hall for our luncheon.
There were close to 130 ladies at the meeting.  That's a great crowd of ladies!!!

Our lunch was chicken salad (it was amazing), crackers, fresh fruit, cheeses, and of course sweet tea (a Southern classic).  We were all seated and served our plates.  It was fancy in a simple kind of way.  I just loved it!  For dessert we had an amazing bread pudding.  My oh my!  The meal was catered by one of the church members.  I'm wondering if she makes house calls, ha. 

I slipped around and tried to get a few photos of some of the ladies.  Many of these we have had the honor of meeting because we have been able to share in their churches.  I loved seeing several familiar faces and getting those warm hugs.

And my favorite picture of the day was with these two precious ladies- Mrs. Mollie Smith and Mrs. Edna Haley.    Mrs. Edna is the Associational WMU Director.  I have loved getting to work with these two and getting to know them.  David spends Monday mornings with Bro. Talmadge and the pastors so it's a treat when I get to be with the gals.  These are two fun ladies and their love for the Lord and missions is just contagious.   They work hard and go above and beyond their duties and I've loved getting to see them in action.  They bless my heart!

It was a great day, a great meeting, a great meal, and just an overall great time to celebrate being a Southern Baptist woman. 

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