Friday, April 4, 2014

Pascagoula And Ocean Springs

As I mentioned in a previous post we traveled to the Gulf Coast earlier this week.  The purpose of the trip was to speak at a Ladies Prayer Retreat at First Baptist Church Pascagoula, MS.   The church first contacted us last October wanting us to come and do a December Lottie Moon promotion, but we were booked for the day they needed.  I mentioned that we would be home for several months and would be happy to come at another time.  So, when they planned this day one of the ladies kept us in mind and wrote and invited us to come.  I am very thankful that it worked out for us to go  because we had such a wonderful time with them! 
The meeting was on Tuesday morning.  There were close to 40 ladies in attendance.   They had childcare for all the kids which was a blessing to us so we could focus on speaking instead of our boys.  They even kept them during lunch and fed them for us.  How wonderful!  Because it was a ladies group I did most of the talking and David helped with the question and answer time.  I am always a nervous wreck when I have to speak, but in spite of that I love sharing with ladies groups.   It's a lot of fun and I get to meet so many wonderful Godly ladies.  The best part is I know many of them will be praying for and encouraging us.  That's worth getting out of your comfort zone for, ha. 
They are a very missions minded church and we loved hearing about all the wonderful things they are doing to help those in their community and around the world.  Most all of the church staff were on hand to greet and fellowship with us.   It made us feel very welcome and "at home". 
   FBC Pascagoula, MS

getting ready to speak

David and I with the Women On Mission director and our hostess- Mrs. Betty Watts.  These are two sweet ladies!

After the meeting we all ate a delicious lunch together prepared by some of the ladies in the church.  We said our "goodbyes" and then started the drive back home.   On my list of "Things to do while in the States" I had also wrote down "visit the Tato Nut Cafe in Ocean Springs, MS".    Our Chorti language helpers and friends John and Diana Lubeck had told us about it.  They ate there while speaking in the area years ago. We attempted to stop by there on our way home from Orange Beach, AL back in January but found out they were closed on Mondays.  We were bummed.  Well we planned again to stop by there on our drive down this trip but after arriving remembered again that it was Monday and they were closed.  ugh.  So, instead we planned to stop by there on our drive home Tuesday afternoon.  I am glad it worked out.  It was a treat!

The Tato Nut Cafe in Ocean Springs, MS.  They are famous for their donuts.  Their secret is using potato flour in the recipe.   The thought of that just peaked our curiosity and we were eager to try them.  They were delicious, but we couldn't tell much difference in them and other donuts we have eaten.  We just love donuts- all donuts!  You just about can't mess them up. 

Cruz wanted one of everything!  We ended up getting a mixture of plain glazed and chocolate covered.  We got a dozen but very few of them made it home with us, ha.

Inside the cafe.  It was a cute little shop.  I actually loved all the surrounding area.  It was in a historic part of town with lots of shops and boutiques.  I would have loved to spend more time there walking around and seeing everything.  It made me want to check into a bed and breakfast and stay a while.  Maybe we'll get back there one day and can do just that. 

me and my precious boys enjoying an afternoon donut snack

We also enjoyed their coffee.  It was good too.
And the best part of the whole overnight trip- both boys slept all the way home.  aaaaahhhh!

We love to travel.  We love to visit new places.  We love meeting new people.  And, most of all, we love getting to do it as a family.  Making memories with my boys is a top priority these days and we are getting so many great chances to do just that while home in the States.

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