Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maw Maw Farmer's 90th Birthday Celebration

David's grandmother turned 90 years old on April 25.   To celebrate, the family threw her a big birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  It was held at Harmony Baptist Church in Crystal Springs.  David's family worked hard to make it a special time for her and I think everything turned out wonderful.

Ms. Mary Louise Farmer

David's cousin Tiffany made the cakes.  Aren't they pretty!

Tiffany also made this Candy Bar.  There were candies from each decade of Maw Maw Farmer's life.  There were goodie bags for everyone to fill and take home.  What a fun idea!

In addition to the cakes and candy we also had a full meal.  I don't think anyone left there hungry. 
Here is David saying the blessing and praying over his grandmother.

Ms. Farmer and her children- Lisa, Robert, Charles, Linda, Libby, and Pat.   We were missing one, Tommy, who passed away back in 2011.

Pat, Linda, Lisa, Libby, and Ms. Farmer

Ms. Farmer with the grandchildren

Ms. Farmer with the grandchildren and great grandchildren

Sara, Kaylie, Cruz, Matthew, Sawyer, and Ben

Matthew, Sawyer, Ben, Marissa, and Kinleigh

a family group photo

Maw Maw Farmer and Nannie Roberts

me and my sister-in-law Robin

David and his mama

Sawyer, and Kaylie

Cruz, Larsen, Brandon, and Ben

our family at the party

It was a fun time and I am very glad that we were home this year to help celebrate!

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