Monday, April 7, 2014

Let's Play Ball!

On Saturday morning Cruz had his first tee ball game.  It was not the first team game, but was the first one that Cruz was able to participate in.  The morning started with ball pictures.  They took their individual and group photos before the game began.  I cannot wait to get them back and see how they turned out.   Here are some other photos from his day-
our family at Cruz's first game 

I didn't take many photos during the game and most all of the ones I did take looked like this- a clear picture of the net and a blurred image in the background.  ugh!  Next time I will step inside the field and try to get better shots or adjust my camera settings. Thankfully though my sweet friend Mrs. Ruth was there to watch her grandchild play and took lots of photos of Cruz for me.  I didn't realize she took them until later that night when she sent them to me.  You know I was smiling big!  Most of the photos in this post are from her.

 my big boy getting ready to bat 
 run, Cruz, run!

The games only last about 30 minutes.  Both teams get to bat around twice.  Here is Cruz  at his first bat.

 He loves running the bases most of all.  He just loves running- period.

 running to home plate 

He's still a little rusty on the outfield part.  He hasn't quite learned how to go after the ball and get it.

Most of the time it ended up like this- all of the kids piled on top of each other fighting for the ball. ha  The were very entertaining! 

 My favorite pic of the day!!! 

It's been raining a lot lately and Cruz enjoyed getting to play in the mud more than anything else.   

 getting ready for his second bat

 After the game both teams lined up and shook hands.  Cruz loved this part.

Memaw and Mimi came to watch him play.  That made him very happy. 
Afterwards we went to lunch at Burger King before heading out on an overnight trip to Louisiana.  
Goooo #4!!!
It was a fun morning and we can't wait to do it again soon.

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