Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Tee Ball Time!

I decided long before we ever left Guatemala that I wanted Cruz to play tee ball while we were home.  When it came time for registration I signed him up, paid his fees, and never gave much thought to his practices and games, much less what days those things would fall on, ha.  If I had really looked over our calendar for the next two months I would have sadly, but realistically not allowed him to play.  But, it's too late now and even though he won't make it to every practice and game we'll do our best to get him there when we can. 
With that being said he missed his first practice and game because we were in Virginia.  His next practice was this past Tuesday- the same day we drove home from the Coast after a quick overnight trip.  The last thing I wanted to do when we got home was load back up in the car and drive 30 minutes away to the field.  But, after being home only an hour, that's exactly what we did. 
We first made a stop in Crystal Springs to pick up his new glove that his Memaw bought him and then headed to practice.  He was pretty excited!  Other than a little playing around at our house in Guatemala he has no real exposure to the game of baseball.  The whole hitting the ball and running the bases idea was new to him.  In spite of that he learned quickly and had a blast.  They only practice for around 30 minutes and that's just about the time he noticed the playground nearby and told his daddy, "I'm done with this baseball.  I want to go play".  How will he ever make it through a whole game???  We'll find out today as his first time to play will be this morning.  I am mostly looking forward to seeing him all dressed up in his uniform and of course taking a few pictures, ha.  I do hope he has fun though and I feel like he will.   
Here are some pics from his first practice-

learning how to bat

strike one...  ha

that's more like it!

He has the same glove as this little boy and they were comparing them.  Cruz kept telling me, "hey they match".  He was proud.

neither one of them noticed that the ball was hit and rolled right past them

Cruz with Coach Crowe

my big boy

 David working the outfield and trying to keep the kids in line. 
We are excited that he is getting to be exposed to the sport.  We don't expect him to be a star player or even a good player.  We just want him to have a good time, make some friends, and learn something new.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Im so glad to see your cute little angels so cheerful and I love it. Thanks! tfi the family international


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