Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birthday At The Brown's

On Saturday afternoon we were invited over to the Brown's for a little get-together to help celebrate Reagan's birthday.  One of the girls asked me while there how long we have known Reagan and Malinda.  It took me a minute to think it through and when I realized it's been over 20 years I almost gasped.  We're getting old!  ha  We first all met in a college and career Sunday School class before any of us were married.  Since then we've had a lot of fun years together!    

the crew- don't we look fun
We arrived mid-afternoon so the kids could have a lot of time to play outside and in the water.  Malinda had a lot of finger foods set out for us to munch on while we played. 

At one point we stopped for cake and ice cream.  We sang and then Reagan let Sara Madalin blow out his candles.

 Reagan's cake
Malinda also made homemade ice cream YUM! 

some of the kids eating 

 Jana and Ben
my boys "helping" Reagan open his present 

The kids had a lot of fun!  Here's Cruz riding Sara Madalin's 4 wheeler.

they also enjoyed playing in the sand 

the girls enjoyed playing in the lake 

Cruz and Garrett had a blast with the sprinkler!!! 

here they are getting me wet

and the adults loved doing this- chillin' out on the porch (when the kids would let us).
Later that evening Reagan grilled hot dogs and we ate again.  It was a fun time.  You won't find a kinder, nicer, more giving friend than Reagan Brown and I am glad we were home this year to help celebrate his day.

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