Sunday, March 23, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Thursday was the first day of Spring.  Hallelujah!!!  It's been a long, cold winter for our (used to only hot weather) little family.  We welcomed it with opened arms.  I smiled extra big when I thought about the fact that it will be several years before I'll have to experience a cold winter again.  Now let me just add that I am not overly excited about returning to high 90 to 100+ hot degrees everyday, but I am looking forward to the sun and warmth.  Here is how we welcomed the new season-
My mom was off work that day so she planned to spend it with us.  Ben and I met her for lunch at Porches.  It was a perfect place to eat on a beautiful sunny Spring day.  David picked Cruz up after preschool and they went to eat lunch at the Mexican Restaurant.  It is Cruz's favorite place to go.  I love that they got to spend that one-on-one time together.  Cruz told me all about it when I got home.  I got soo tickled because he kept referring to the restaurant as "the quesadilla shop".  That is what he has started calling Mexican restaurants.  It makes me laugh! 
Anyway, back to Porches...
The flowers and trees are starting to bloom everywhere.  It is a beautiful sight.  Here is my mom and Ben standing under one of the pretty trees at Porches.

It was Ben's first trip there.  I was really worried about how he would do, but he did excellent.  I don't think anyone there even knew he was around.  He was quiet and well behaved.  I was very proud!

Mimi and Ben

I took several things to entertain him.  I saved David's phone for last.  I knew that if all else failed he would sit and watch Curious George on the phone.  He loves George!

After eating we spent some time on the front porch enjoying the swing.  It was a nice day for that.

Ben loved running back and forth across the porch while we sat in the swing. 
We came home and put the boys down for a nap.  While they slept my mom and I went out and did some shopping.  It was fun hanging out together and looking at all the new Spring and Summer stuff the stores are putting out. 
When Cruz woke up he helped me make a two ingredient playdough.  It's called "soft as a cloud" playdough.  I had seen the idea on facebook earlier in the week and thought it would be fun to try.  We made ours in Spring colors.  Mine didn't turn out quite like the website showed but it was still okay and fun to play with. 

our homemade playdough 
It smells wonderful!

It got a little messy with the food coloring.  This was my hands after several washes.  I was "colored" for a few days.

Cruz enjoyed it.

We also baked some Spring cookies and made a pot of coffee to go with them.
Later that afternoon we took the boys to a local snowcone stand for a sweet treat.  I have always loved snowcones and I loved introducing them to my boys.  They enjoyed them and I am sure we'll be back many times in the near future.
Snow Haven in Brookhaven

Ben wanted red so I got him strawberry

Cruz wanted blue so I got him bubble gum flavor

We also shared some nachos- another one of my favorite foods.

me and my boys at the snowcone stand
We returned home and took not one but two walks around the block.  In between we played outside in the yard.  We picked up a $5.00 Little Caesar's pizza for supper and Mimi ate with us before she went back home.  It had been a fun-filled day and we were all ready for a bath and bedtime by dark.  Have I mentioned already that we love Spring?  Bring on the sunshine, the flowers, the flip flops, and the fun!!!

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  1. The hands...ha! =)

    We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring up here - I hear we're getting more snow Wednesday, so it may be just a while yet. Ugh. I'm glad you're enjoying fresh air and flowers (and flip flops!) with those adorable boys! LOVE that pic of you three at the snow cone stand!!!


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