Friday, March 7, 2014

This and That

It's been a low key week around our house.  It's been too cold and rainy to really do anything.  How can it go from being in the 70's over the weekend to snow flurries and sleet Monday and Tuesday???  Ugh.  We definitely have the winter time blues.  
Today we are all hyped up about Spring Break beginning.  We're taking a trip with family to the Smoky Mountains.  The weather is predicted to be in the high 60's for next week so I'm smiling big about that.  We are anticipating a fun time. 
Here are just a few random photos from our week-
Cruz got a new booster seat.  We needed one to take back to Guatemala for him so we ordered it early and let him go ahead and start using it.   We tried a new brand, Recaro, and so far we are pleased with it.  He seems to love it so that makes us happy.

Here he is napping one afternoon.  He usually has his towel laid over all of his animals but this day he only covered his bear.  He has a huge nurturing side.  But,
...what made me laugh when I went in to check on him was the fact that he had also put his sunglasses on his bear.  Isn't that cute!

Dr. Cruz on call
He loves "taking care of us".  I hope he'll still want to do that when he's old and we're "older".  ha
Anybody else have to have some type of sound running at night to help you sleep?  Our family does.  In Guatemala we have a/c running in our bedrooms at night year round.   Here in the States we have been running a box fan in the hall for noise.  Our rowdy boys were constantly playing around with it and had knocked it over so many times that we were down to only 3 blades and because of that it "walked the floor" every night.  It drove David crazy.  So, one morning this week he ran to the store and bought us a new fan.  Somedays it's the little things... 

my sweet boys watching cartoons one morning before breakfast 
I mentioned before that Ben is a little OCD about things being in order.  Many times a day he opens our television cabinet and pulls out all of the DVD boxes.  He loves to line them up across the floor.  Here he is one morning doing just that.

He even had some spread across the kitchen floor. 

And I'll leave you with Cruz serving us up some delicious cakes he had made out of playdough.  He's wearing his apron that he got for Christmas.  That boy is a MESS! 

Happy Friday everyone!  Happy Spring Break!  Happy everything!

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