Friday, March 21, 2014

Taking A Little Time To Enjoy The View

On our last full day in the mountains we spent some time in Gatlinburg.  I prefer Gatlinburg over Pigeon Forge.  I love the look of it and I also love that you can park and walk all over town.  I love going up and down the sidewalks looking in all the cute little shops although this trip we didn't get to do much of that because of the two new additions we've added to our family since our last trip there.  We'll get to do it again though, someday. 

What we did do instead was the Skylift.  We've never done that before (maybe because we were too busy shopping, ha).  It was a lot of fun and both boys really enjoyed it.  Actually I think everyone in our group enjoyed it.  The ride takes you slowly up the mountain to a lookout/ gift shop.  After enjoying the views we bought some ice cream and sat down at one of the picnic tables to eat it before taking the ride back down.  The ride was soo peaceful and scenic.  I'd definitely do it again. 

The Skylift in Gatlinburg, TN

David rode with Ben

I rode with Cruz

view from the ride up

our family on top of the mountain

Robin, Larsen, and Sawyer on the ride down

me and Cruz coming down

Memaw and Aunt Libby

walking the streets of Gatlinburg on a beautiful, sunny day

We ate lunch at TGI Friday's.  Most of you already know that it is one of my favorite places.  David and I split a fried shrimp plate so that we could have room to split one of their skillet desserts.  YUM YUM YUM!
After lunch the rest of our group stayed in Gatlinburg and did several more activities.  We left so that our boys could take a nap.  When they woke up we headed out to the edge of town to do one last fun thing before our time there ended.   You can imagine Cruz's surprise when we told him we were headed to ride in a helicopter.  He was soo excited! We all were.

getting ready to see Pigeon Forge from up in the air 

our helicopter

ready for takeoff

Ben and David

view from my seat

it was a lot of fun!!!

that smile says it all!

It was a perfect way to end our mountain vacation. 

We had a very fun time over Spring Break.  We enjoyed getting to spend the extra time with family.  We enjoyed getting to see and experience lots of fun stuff.  We enjoyed making lots of sweet memories.  We just enjoyed being together! 

I feel certain that a trip to the Smokies will become a family tradition for us on our upcoming Stateside Assignments.  We are already making notes of things we want to do when we go back in 3 (or so) years.  Our boys will be 5 and 7 then (I find that hard to imagine).  There will be a lot more that they will be able to do at that age and I just know that just like this trip it's going to be FUN, FUN, FUN! 

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