Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

Last week's theme at preschool was Day and Night.  To celebrate what they had learned the kids had a Pajama Party on Friday.  They got to wear their pajamas and slippers.  They took a blanket/ sleeping bag, favorite stuffed animal, and a flashlight.  They watched a movie, ate special snacks, and had a lot of fun.  Cruz really enjoyed it.  Here he is before he left the house on Friday morning-
 preschool pajama party
On Friday night we drove down to McComb and met David's dad and stepmom at Mr. Whisker's Fish House.  We enjoyed some fried catfish and fried oysters.  After our meal we went over to their house and spent some time visiting and letting the kids play.  It was a good night together and I was kicking myself all the way home for not taking a single picture! 
I am constantly checking the weather updates to see what the temps are going to be.  When I saw that Saturday was supposed to reach the 70's I started making plans for an outdoor activity.  After breakfast on Saturday morning we loaded the car and drove down to Lake Lincoln State Park.  It's less than 30 minutes away.  It was a beautiful, sunny day to be there and let the kids play.  They spent some time on the playground.  Cruz rode his bike and we took a little nature walk.  We had a picnic lunch before leaving.  It was a super fun morning and I'll do a separate post about it tomorrow.   
Lake Lincoln
While at the lake my friend Malinda sent me a text inviting us over that night.  So after a long afternoon nap we headed to their house for a cookout.  The kids played outside until dark, and we just sat around talking.  We always enjoy our time with the Brown's.   Reagan grilled hamburgers for supper.  We ate and then stayed way too late talking, laughing, and letting the kids play.  Fun times!

The White's and the Brown's 

sweet Ben 


The kids played dress-up.  They were cowboys one minute and Spiderman the next.  Looks like they turned Ben into Mardi Gras man.

Two peas in a pod!  They had a fun time together.  Here they are as cowboy/ cowgirl.  Cruz is wearing Sara Madalin's red boots.  ha

When things get quiet we go looking.  This particular time we found this HUGE mess in the playroom floor.  "Someone" had dumped every game the Brown's own out into the floor.  It was way more overwhelming than this photo shows.  David and Reagan patiently sorted every game piece and card and put them all back together.   Life with little ones is FUN.
On Sunday morning we drove to Hazlehurst to share with the folks at New Providence Baptist Church.  As always we had a wonderful time and enjoyed getting to share with them a little about Guatemala.  The last time we were at their church was back in February 2010 during our last Stateside Assignment.  I was six months pregnant with Cruz and we were still working with the Kekchi.  It was good to go back and let them see our boys and also update them on our new work and people group- the Chorti. 
David and the boys with the pastor Bro. Tres 

It was another beautiful, sunny day and the boys loved playing outside on the playground there. 

 As you can see Ben enjoyed a few Oreos while in the nursery.
We ate lunch, napped, and then David took the boys to a local park while I cooked supper.  I made poppyseed chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, green beans, and a Southern classic- banana pudding.  I cannot believe my boys have never had that!  It was all delicious! 
banana pudding
That pretty much sums up our weekend.  We enjoyed a lot of outdoor time and beautiful weather.  It's quite a drastic change today as the temps are not expected to get out of the 30's and there are snow flurries around.  UGH!  Mississippi weather is crazy!!!   Hope your week gets off to a great start.

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