Saturday, March 1, 2014


Most of my blog posts lately seem to be just a potluck of photos all mixed in together.  It seems easier for me just to do one long post of everything rather than break it down into several small posts.  So here are a few random photos I have taken this past week.
Cruz loves going to preschool.  He is learning so much and just loves being able to be around the other kids.  They study a different theme each week.  Recently they had a dinosaur week.  That has been one of his favorites so far. This is his color sheet that he did one day in school.  He was to draw a picture of a dinosaur.  When I saw it I couldn't help but laugh. 

Cruz's T Rex dinosaur (his favorite)
I walked into their room one night this week to tuck them in and turn off the lamp and I found this fun surprise waiting for me.  Cruz had their alligators hanging by their tails on the lamp.  That boy can be so funny!

Last Monday (has it almost been a week already!) my mom and Aunt Nita came down to see us.  We made a trip to Janie's Bakery for donuts.  Yum!  We ended up going back after we picked Cruz up from preschool and got us all a chicken-on-a-stick for lunch.  Those are delicious!
my mom and Ben enjoying a donut break 

After lunch Cruz could not wait to get outside and show my mom and Aunt Nita his motorcycle.   

Later that afternoon David took him to Wal-Mart to buy a much needed helmet.  I can breath a little bit easier now, ha.  He picked out a red one and LOVES it!  When did he become such a BIG boy???

Here's a short video of Ben riding the motorcycle.  If big brother does it he thinks he can too.

On Wednesday afternoon Memaw and Larsen came by to see us.  The kids spent a while playing and then we all went out to eat before we left for our speaking engagement.  
sweet cousins- Ben, Cruz, and Larsen at Krystal in Brookhaven 
On Thursday I got a special treat of having lunch with some WMU ladies from Central Baptist Church in Brookhaven.  They saw in the Missions Mosaic magazine that my birthday was coming up and wanted to take me out for lunch.  We all met at Broma's in Brookhaven.  The meal was delicious but the fellowship time with all of them was the best.  They were so kind and encouraging and just blessed my heart.  I am looking forward to seeing all of them again later this month when we share at their church. 
me with some precious ladies from Central Baptist Church
Our weekend is turning out to be a pretty fun one.  We are getting to spend time with some family and friends and we'll have another opportunity on Sunday morning to share about our life in Guatemala.  I'll be sure to post all about it. 
Well, it's a beautiful, sunny day so I think I'll head on back outside and enjoy it.  Have a great day everyone!

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