Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lake Lincoln State Park

On Saturday morning we took a short drive to Lake Lincoln to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.  The weather was predicted to be near 70 so we definitely wanted to be outdoors.  After breakfast we packed up a picnic bag and cooler and headed out.  I think David and I enjoyed the country drive there and back just as much as we enjoyed the park.  We often say how much we envy people who live out in the country and can enjoy the quiet and privacy.  Of all the creature comforts we miss on the mission field, the lack of privacy is definitely what we miss the most.  Having people hear and watch your every move drives me nuts!
Anyway, back to our outing.  Here are some photos I took while there.
Lake Lincoln

We spent most of our morning here letting the kids play.   

I think little Ben had the most fun of all.  He didn't stop running and playing the whole time we were there.   All of that wide open space to explore just thrilled his little heart.  He had himself a ball! 

 Cruz would play a while and ride his bike a while.  He too loved all the open space to run and play.

David and Ben

We say we go to places like this for our kids but I think it's the kid in us who really wants to go, ha.

Cruz loved this sign and I think he was a little disappointed we didn't see any.

Keeping up with him is a full time job, but it's a fun one.

I can't think of any better way to spend a day than doing something fun with my boys. 
After a little nature walk we drove over to the picnic area to have our lunch.  While I made our sandwiches David and the boys threw rocks in the water and fed bread to the ducks. 

Having our picnic lunch.  I LOVE doing picnics!

Ben enjoying his PB&J

I couldn't pass up a chance to take a family photo with the beautiful scenery around.

Our family- March 2014- Lake Lincoln State Park
It only cost us $3.00 to get in.  I'd say that was a cheap way to burn off some energy, have a little fun, and make some wonderful memories.  I hope we get to do it again soon. 

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