Monday, March 24, 2014

It Was A Pretty Fun Weekend

Our weekend got started with a drive to Crystal Springs.  We went to visit some of David's family.   We ended up leaving the boys playing at David's Maw Maw's house and went out to supper alone.  We drove to the Wynndale Steak House and enjoyed their Early Bird Special.  It was delicious!
having some rare one-on-one time 

The Special includes a choice of meat, two sides, and also an appetizer and dessert to split.   We both had steak.  For our appetizer we chose onion rings and for dessert...

brownie a-la-mode! 
We were already stuffed but found room to squeeze this in.  yum!

The boys playing on Saturday morning while I cooked breakfast.

We spent most all of Saturday morning at a local park letting the boys play. 
of all the parks in town this is Cruz's favorite 

We took their sand toys to use in the rocks and sand box. 

This was their "oven".  They pretended to cook things for us.  A few things we "ate" were chocolate cake, lemon cake, and tacos.  I just love the imagination of little kids!

having fun! 

 playing in the sand

We took picnic supplies and planned to eat lunch there.   Have I mentioned lately that I love doing picnics?  It's just a fun way to eat on a pretty day, especially with small kids.

I made David and I some homemade pimento and cheese.  It's been several years since we've had that.  The rest of the day was spent napping, playing at home, and packing. 

Sunday morning David preached at a church in Brookhaven filling in for a pastor friend of ours.
David and the boys on Sunday morning
After church we loaded our car and headed to Jackson.  We first stopped for lunch at Krystal. 
Sunday lunch 
The circus was in town and we had bought tickets to go.  They had shows from Thursday - Sunday.  We could not decide which day to attend but ended up with Sunday afternoon tickets.  We flew to Richmond, VA today for a week-long conference with the IMB so we decided to just do the Sunday circus, stay at a hotel near the airport, and then be close by for our 6:00 a.m. Monday morning flight.  With that being said, our next stop was to check in to the hotel and drop off our luggage. 
They might as well have been at an amusement park the way they enjoyed getting to ride the cart to the room.  It's the little things in life.... right.

Here they are standing in front of the a/c letting it blow the back of their hair.  Again, easy entertainment, ha.

Snacking in "the big bed" watching cartoons.  They've got a hard life!!!

We had a little extra time before the circus started so we stopped by the McDonald's in Pearl.  We chose that location for two reasons 1)  coffee and white chocolate mochas and 2) they have an indoor playland.  The boys played while we sat and enjoyed our drinks.  We got the boys a strawberry smoothie.  Cruz loved it!  Ben, on the other hand, only drank a small amount of it and then within seconds of finding our seats and getting settled in at the circus he throws up all of it that he drank.  Fun way to start our time there, huh.  Thank goodness I always travel with a change of clothes. 
 arriving at the circus

It was fun, BUT it was far from "the greatest show on earth".  We were a bit disappointed in the overall show.  It was not near as good as I was expecting it to be.  And, to top it off, they didn't have tigers.  Cruz was heartbroken!  He cried as soon as it ended and he realized it was over and then LOUDLY cried all the way out to the car.  He stopped long enough to tell me, "mama, that circus is mean".  ha ha  Poor baby, he was soo disappointed!   Bless his little tiger loving heart.

 They did have some good acts though and the boys had a fun time. 

 these are my circus clowns
 the grand finale

We left there and picked up some Subway's to take back and eat in the hotel room.  We then got baths and watched a marathon of Duck Dynasty until we all fell asleep. 

We've got a busy week ahead.  I am not sure about our internet service while in Virginia, but I'll be sure to post about our travels when time permits.  

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