Saturday, March 22, 2014

Catching Up

Buckle up- I'm all over the map with this one.  Most of these photos were taken last weekend.  The rest just show what we've been doing since returning home from our mountain vacation. 
As you can imagine when you get home from any trip there are bags to be unpacked, clothes to be washed, things to put away...  The next morning we got busy doing those things and while doing so the boys got busy doing their normal- dressing up.  The first thing they did was put on their fireman suits. 

It wasn't long before Cruz was asking to ride his motorcycle so we let them outside to play.  Here he is on his way to put out a fire. 

He has been reenacting the Dixie Stampede ever since we saw it.  At one point in the show some of them ride their horses backwards.   Cruz decided to give it a try on his motorcycle.  He's a mess!

My boys love to look out the window and watch the garbage truck.

The day after we got home my mom came down to see the boys.  We took them to the park to play.

sweet brotherly love!

They are crazy about these wolf socks their Memaw bought them in the mountains.  They want to wear them everyday.

We took a trip to the bakery for a mid morning donut snack.

I think we went three days in a row to a local park.  This was a new one we found in town.  Brookhaven has lots of nice playground areas.  We have really enjoyed that about living here.  We are going to miss these parks greatly when we return to Guatemala.

about to go down the slide with my boys

having fun with Cruz

more dress-up and outdoor play

We visited this park last Saturday morning.  We took bubbles to blow while there.

Cruz loves this new Batman shirt with removable cape.  He was "flying" all over the playground.

swinging with my big boy

Saturday afternoon Cruz attended a birthday party for a little girl in his preschool class.  It was held at Gym of Dreams in Brookhaven.  It was a Barbie party.  He told me "I don't like Barbie!!!"  In spite of that, he had a really fun time.

Her cake was really cute.

After eating and opening gifts the kids got to play in the gym.  Here is Cruz with the birthday girl going down the slide.

He loved this!

He also loved jumping into this foam pit.  The kids called it cheese. 

Here is a video of him jumping.
Last Sunday morning we spoke at Sardis Baptist Church near Hazlehurst.  In addition to some family I saw many familiar faces there.  Many of those faces I have not seen in several years.  It was great to reconnect with people from our past.  After the service they had a covered dish lunch for us.  It was delicious! 

Here is David with the pastor Bro. Billy

We loved seeing Bro. Reggie again!  He leads music.

 Cruz and I made chocolate cupcakes one afternoon.  He loves licking the beaters.
Sweet Ben eating snack one morning.

David and Ben playing with the Nerf gun.  They were shooting at me and Ben thought it was soo funny.  He doesn't show that sweet smile often but when he does isn't it precious!
And of course we've been on a few walks.  We love those!
On Wednesday morning I attended a Bible study with some of the WMU ladies from the Lincoln Association.  It was focused on the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  It was good to learn about missionaries who are working all over the United States.  That evening we spoke at Southway Baptist Church in Brookhaven.  I did not take a single picture at either gathering. ugh!  We love getting to travel to so many different churches, getting to meet new people, and sharing about our life in Guatemala. It's a fun job we have while in the States and we are loving it!

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  1. Beautiful series of photos. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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