Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekend

To kick off our weekend with a little fun I made some animal shaped Jello jigglers for the boys to eat after their lunch on Friday.  They both love Jello!
I added a few Spiderman gummies for decoration. 
Right after lunch both of our boys go down for naps.  Most days Cruz will sleep 1-2 hours and Ben will sleep 2-3 hours. 

Cruz loves to wear hoods.  If his shirt or jacket has one you'll most always find him with it pulled over his head.  I laughed on Friday when I walked into the room and saw he even had his hood on while sleeping.   That boy is a mess!

On days when it's been warm you will most likely always find us taking a stroll around the block.  We have really enjoyed getting out and walking.   Lately we have been going daily.  The fresh air just does us all good and the exercise too.  We LOVE getting to see people's houses, yards, trees, etc.  In Guatemala all we get to look at is concrete walls.  We are going to  miss simple things like this, greatly!

My boys on a Friday afternoon stroll.  Ben went dressed as a tiger.
On Friday night we used a Cracker Barrel gift card that we got for Christmas and went out to eat. We enjoyed breakfast foods for supper.   Afterwards we put a movie on in the car for the boys to watch and we just drove around through the country and talked.  It was a fun night.

  me and Cruz at the Cracker Barrel in Brookhaven
Like all of our days Saturday morning started early.  It didn't take Cruz long to decide who/ what he wanted to be that day.  As you'll see below he chose to be a pirate.

he got this Jake and the Pirates gift for Christmas 
After breakfast we went to Crystal Springs to visit Memaw (David's mama).  Larsen was there so the boys enjoyed some playtime with her.  While there we picked up a new toy for Cruz.  It was a Power Wheels motorcycle that belonged to our nephew Sawyer.  Thankfully David's mom has kept everything over the years so we have an endless supply of toys and things for the boys.  Sawyer is now 13 so that tells you how old this particular toy is but it still works great.  It was a little dirty so David and Cruz gave it a bath when we got back home that afternoon.   

washing his new ride 
He then jumped right on it and rode it like a pro.  He is in love!

Late that afternoon our friends Reagan, Malinda, and Sara Madalin came down to visit.   Their niece Amanda was with them.  They brought a bounce house for the kids to enjoy.  My boys loved it.

They also brought a delicious King Cake for our dessert that night.   My piece had the baby.

these kids played hard! 

We took a walk around the block.   

Malinda and Amanda 
Then they rode, and rode, and rode some more.  They had fun, and we had fun watching them.

I LOVE this picture of Cruz!!! 

It was a very lively afternoon! 

At one point Cruz straps some rope to the motorcycle and bicycle and pulls Sara Madalin.  It was hilarious. 

When it started to get dark we came in and enjoyed some pizza and then let the kids play indoors until time to go.  It was a fun night, as always, with our friends the Brown's.

Sunday morning we headed to Silver Creek, MS to speak at Calvary Baptist Church.  The pastor there, Bro. Trey Spangler, had invited us to come.  He was one of our former youth ministry students.  He shared in his introduction about how much David meant to him over the years and the impact David had on his life.  He shared how David helped lead him to the Lord and also baptized him.  It was very sweet and made me cry.  It's always a joy to see our "kids" all grown up and being used by God. 

We shared in the morning service and then went to their house for lunch.  They have two kids and both are just weeks apart from our boys.  The kids had a blast playing together and did so well together.  They were super quiet and kept us all on our toes trying to listen in to make sure they were all okay.  Because of that we were all able to talk and enjoy some fellowship time that we rarely get because our kids are normally bouncing off the walls.  It was a fun time together and we stayed late into the afternoon.  I am certain a playdate will be scheduled in the near future with them.

David, Ben, and Trey 

Trey, Nate, Keisha, Annie, Cruz, me, David, and Ben 

Trey's mom, Karen, and sister were also there.  Her husband, Bro. Steve Walker, passed away last year.  It broke our hearts.  He was a dear ministry friend of ours.  We enjoyed getting to share some memories of him with them.

We returned home and spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing.  After putting the boys down that night we watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.   Did you watch?  My favorite part was when they made fun of the opening ceremonies by delaying that last "snowflake" to open.  I was laughing out loud. 

It had been a busy weekend so I was very ready to get in the bed that night.  I was wishing I had gone to bed earlier when Ben woke us up at 4:30 on Monday morning.  Yes you read that right 4:30!!!  UGH.  It's just another manic Monday around here y'all. 

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