Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

Late Sunday afternoon we drove to Terry, MS to attend a Super Bowl Party at the Brown's house.  Our friends, Reagan and Malinda, host a party every year.  She did a great job of decorating.  Everything looked so fun and festive!  The food was fantastic.  Everyone brought appetizers.  We ate, laughed, watched the game, laughed some more, ate some more...  The whole night was just fun.
Some of the food.  Those ham and cheese slider sandwiches on the left were amazing.  I ate WAY TOO MANY. 

When I walked in the front door one of the first things I noticed was the large football field backdrop she had on the wall for photos.  What a fun idea!
Sara Madalin, Cruz, and Ben
Can you tell which team we were all pulling for?

our family on Super Bowl Sunday 2014

chillin' and watching the game

What party would not be complete without a visit from Spiderman?
or Spiderman's little brother, ha

Cruz and Sara Madalin spent the whole night playing together.  We hardly knew they were there.  They were quiet, and did super great together.  They played several board games (all by themselves) and seemed to share and get along so well.  All four of us parents were very proud of them.

our party crew
Reagan, Malinda, Sara Madalin, me, David, Ben, Dewayne, Martha, Jessa, Penny, Jana, Cruz, Noah, and Rob.
The game might not have been that fun but our fellowship sure was!

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