Saturday, February 22, 2014

Random Stuff

Here are several random photos I have taken over the last week or so.  And yes, our lives are just about as scattered as these photos seem, ha.
Here is Cruz painting hearts to make his Valentine's Day hat.  For whatever crazy reason I like to make them hats for the holidays.  They are going to be so mad at me one day but I think it will be a memory we'll laugh about for years to come.
The Wednesday before Valentine's Day my mom came down and spent the night.  The boys loved having her here to play with them.  The next morning she gave them their Valentine's gifts.  She had them sit on the couch and close their eyes-
two eager little boys! 

She stayed until after lunch and even got to go with me to take Cruz to preschool and pick him up.  She was able to see his classroom and meet his teacher.  That was fun.

I will often find Ben sitting in the kitchen floor looking through the cabinet of cookbooks.  For some reason he loves to pretend he is reading them.  Maybe he'll like cooking one day.
my little chef-to-be 

As I mentioned in my last post you'll notice he is only wearing one shoe.

Last Sunday morning we spoke at Church of the Way in Brookhaven.  Bro. David Fortenberry is pastoring there.  We have known him for many years and were glad to get to reconnect with him and share with his congregation about our work in Guatemala.
us with Bro. David and his wife 
Cruz has a huge imagination and is always pretending to be different people.  He loves dressing up.  Here he is as a construction worker.  He has his hard hat, boots, and a measuring tape around his neck.  He went around the house "making repairs" on everything.  He has two pair of gloves- a blue pair and a black pair.  But, he always insists on wearing one of each.   You'll see those below.
my hardworking little man

Ben was sick several days last week.  He's had a terrible cough and runny nose.  We have had MANY sleepless nights lately.  We just seem to live in a state of tired but it's been much worse lately.

The weather has been beautiful this past week!  We spent several afternoons outside playing.  We have taken many walks around the block.  It's just been wonderful to be outdoors!

The boys love for the neighbors to ride them on their scooters.  Here's Ben hanging out on one of them.  We have some fun neighbor kids around here that are so sweet to our boys.

David and the boys watching cartoons one morning before breakfast.
more afternoon play

Spiderman now makes a daily appearance at our house.
On Thursday night we drove to Gallman, MS to share with the WMU ladies there about our work in Guatemala.  We had a fun night there with them.  I wore my Chorti dress when I spoke but had already changed clothes when we took the picture.  After our presentation we had a fingerfood fellowship.   I am enjoying getting to share with ladies groups on this Stateside time.

me with some of the sweet ladies at Gallman Baptist Church

my little sleepy heads watching cartoons and eating animal crackers after waking up one morning

I'll leave you with this sweet smile. 
Hope you are having a great weekend.  I'll be writing about ours in a few days.

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