Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Horsing Around

Last Saturday afternoon the Clydesdale horses were supposed to be passing through town and they were going to stop for an afternoon public viewing at the Lincoln Civic Center here in Brookhaven.  I made plans to take the boys, but when we arrived there was a sign saying that it had been postponed until Monday.  Cruz was very disappointed but I promised him we would return.  We went back Monday afternoon.  Ben was still napping when Cruz and I left so I didn't wake him.  I am glad I didn't because when we returned an hour later he was still asleep.  He obviously needed some extra rest that day. 
It was cold on Monday afternoon and the event was outdoors.  We had a long line to wait in when we arrived. 

The viewing was held inside this arena.  You can see the line of people gathered outside.

The line led you to two different stations.  Each one had a horse that you could walk up to, pet, and have your picture taken with.  They gave you several minutes to see the horse before you had to move on and let someone else have a turn. 

I had no idea how HUGE they were until I walked up beside one.  It made me a little nervous, ha

Cruz and I with a Clydesdale horse

After that you were free to walk around and look at all the other Clydesdales in their stalls.  They were just beautiful!  I am so glad we got to see them in person (and a little sad that David and Ben missed out). 

I'll leave you with this very embarrassing story.  Cruz (and Ben too) like to climb on any and all types of transportation.  Don't all little boys?  I had seen a few other people taking photos of their child on this golf cart so I didn't think anything about it when Cruz ran over and jumped on it.  I followed him and just before I could take his picture he pushed on the pedal.  Every other time he has done that the "machine" has not been turned on.  WELL, sure enough I shout "say cheese", he mashes the gas, and the thing shoots off into that crowd of people.  Needless to say most everyone around stopped and looked in our direction.   No one was hurt except for maybe Cruz's hand as I squeezed it and dragged him away. HA  Oh how I hope nobody there recognized us.  After the fact I have laughed about it many times.  But, in the heat of the moment I wanted nothing more than to wiggle my nose and make us both disappear. 

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