Monday, February 10, 2014

From Circus Clowns To Rodeo Clowns (and everything in between)

It was one of the busiest weekends we have had in a while, but it sure was a fun one!  On Friday morning while Cruz was at preschool I baked a cake for our "Olympics Party".  We didn't really have a "party" where lots of people came over and everything but we called it a party and pretended we were having one.  I let the cake cool and then when Cruz woke up from his afternoon nap he helped me decorate it.  Two years ago for the 2012 Summer Games I found this idea on the Internet for an Olympics themed cake.  It looked fairly simple so I made one.  I decided to make it again for this year's winter games.  I am thinking it will be a new Olympics tradition for our family. 
Let the games begin...! 
You will notice a little someone helped himself to the yellow M&M's hence the reason there are a few orange ones thrown in there. 

Here is a little comparison from 2012 and 2014.  I'll look forward to adding more of these pics in the future (and maybe little brother too but he happened to be napping both years when we took pictures).

On Friday afternoon we had plans to attend a local circus.  It was the same circus that we saw in Crystal Springs back in January.  When we saw it was coming to Brookhaven we just had to go again.  Cruz is getting more and more independent everyday and that includes wanting to pick out his own clothes.  You will see below what he chose for the circus-
He insisted on wearing his soccer shoes, "helicopter jacket", and these 3D glasses he got back when we saw "Frozen". 
Here's another photo I took of him last Monday on the way to preschool.  He also wanted to wear those same glasses to school that day because "they make me look smart, mama".   I am sure that is exactly what you were thinking too when you saw him with those big glasses on, ha. 

getting ready to go into the circus

our family at the circus

We were able to sit in some chairs down front and that allowed the boys to sit along the edge of the circus floor and watch it up close.  That amazed them.

They got real up close views of the acrobatics.

Cruz LOVES the clowns!  I was tickled to snap this photo of him about to give a "high five" to the circus clown.  He has mocked that clown's every move all weekend long. 

Ben loved the dogs-

and the pony with the monkey on it's back.

But, their most favorite part of all is when the motorcycle comes out and rides in the cage.  They go nuts!  It also helps that the motorcycle is red.  Cruz loves that!

The cage that the motorcycle goes round and round in.  It's fun to watch.

my boys at the circus
On the way home from the circus we stopped and picked up a $5.00 pizza and came home for our "party".  We had pizza and cake and watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  We really enjoyed watching.  It was a great show!
On Saturday morning we loaded them up and drove to Memaw's house in Crystal Springs.  Our niece, Larsen, was also there so the boys enjoyed getting to play together.  At lunch time David and I slipped out and drove into town for lunch.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed getting to watch the Olympics at our table.  We also enjoyed the peace and quiet and not having to wrestle two little boys during the whole meal.

ahhhh... a much enjoyed lunch date!
We headed back home and then after naptime my mom and Aunt Nita drove down to see us.   They picked up a pizza and fish plates "to go" and we ate them at our house for supper.  Afterwards we all watched "The Wizard of Oz".  It was a fun night.

having supper with Mimi and Aunt Nita
On Sunday morning we spoke at Georgetown Baptist Church in Georgetown, MS.  My high school was in that town so I loved getting to go back and revisit it.  I saw a lot of familiar faces and got a lot of warm friendly hugs. 

David with the pastor and his wife at Georgetown Baptist Church
We got a few lunch invitations but we declined them because we had plans to drive on into Jackson to attend the rodeo.  We stopped by the gas station in town and picked up a few things to eat for lunch.  I had packed the boys a sandwich to eat in the car.  We had a little picnic in the car before leaving town.

David and I shared a corn dog, meat pie, 2 pizza sticks (my favorite!!!) and he got a fried jalapeno pepper.  It was not the most healthy of meals but it worked in a pinch.

We had tickets to the afternoon Dixie National Rodeo.  We picked up my mom and Aunt Nita on the way and headed north.  We were all very excited.

inside the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson

me and my boys at the rodeo

Mimi bought the boys some cotton candy.  They love it!

Ben (with cotton candy stuck to his face, me, Cruz, my mom, and Aunt Nita.  David was also with us but just not in any of the pictures we took.

me, Cruz, and Mimi
(the lighting was weird on most all of my pictures for some reason)

The rodeo clown is always a hoot.  He had us all laughing out loud.
We loved the Dixie National Rodeo.
We stopped for supper on the way home and then headed on back to Brookhaven.  We were all tired when we got back.  We bathed the boys, put them to bed, and they were both sound asleep in about 5 minutes.  It had been a busy weekend for all of us, but I wouldn't trade it for anything considering all of the fun memories we made.

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