Friday, February 21, 2014

Ben's 22 Month Update

Ben is 22 months old!
For the most part he is a very calm, easy going child.  He is tenderhearted and fairly obedient.  He is a silly boy and makes us laugh often.  But, you make him mad and OH MY.  He can throw a fit like no child I've seen before.  He can get so upset and then it takes him forever to calm down. 

He is not a fan of the camera and it's hard work to get a picture of him.  You know that makes this mama sad, ha.  He loves all fruit and would live on fruit alone if we would let him.  He also loves any type of bread and he loves yogurt.  One of his favorite foods is pizza and he's crazy about suckers. 

He plays well by himself but prefers to be right up under Cruz doing whatever Cruz is doing.  He mimics everything he sees.  He loves bathtime and washing his hands.  He just loves playing in "wa wa" (water).   One of his quirks is only wearing one shoe.  For whatever reason we often find him running around with one shoe on and one shoe off.    It seems as though we put that shoe back on a hundred times a day!  He has started pulling his socks off at night and always throws them behind his bed as if to hide them. 

He is a LOUD child.   I don't know how something that small can make such big noise, but he does.   He is also a little OCD about things being in order.  He loves to clean up and put things away.  We often find him with his cars and trucks lining them up in a straight order.  He loves to take all of the DVD cases out and line them up across the floor like a train.  They are always in a straight line and always even.  He definitely takes after his daddy in that aspect.

He loves, loves, loves to dance!  He always starts moving when he hears a beat.  It tickles us. He is a busy little boy and always on the go.   He loves balls, trucks, and books.  His favorite cartoon is Word World.  He would sit still and watch it all day long.  He also loves Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Dinosaur Train, Peg + Cat...  pretty much all of the PBS Kids shows. 

He is a joy and we are thankful that he is ours!

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