Monday, January 27, 2014

The Weekend

Friday was COLD!  Other than taking Cruz to preschool and going back to pick him up we stayed in all day.  It was just too cold to get out and do anything.  We spent a lot of time wrapped up on the couch watching cartoons and movies.  I like days like that.

chillin' with my boys
I love picking Cruz up on Fridays.  Why?  At his preschool he doesn't carry a backpack.  Each child is given a tote bag.  On Friday they get to bring their tote bag home and it is filled with all the papers and things they did throughout the week.  I get so excited when we get back home to open it up and look at what all he has done.  It's becoming one of the highlights of my week (I live an exciting life, huh) ha. 

Saturday morning started with a pan of yummy Crack Sticks.  We love these things!
While we got dressed for the day I left the boys in the living room watching cartoons, or so I thought.  I returned and found the room a complete mess.  Cruz decided to build a "fort".  He used all the pillows and several throws and blankets to make it.  He then got his flashlight and hid underneath (the coffee table). 

Cruz's fort

Cruz said there was not enough room for Ben to come in so instead Ben just played on top.

Cruz hanging out in his fort with his flashlight.
Mid morning we headed to Hazlehurst to visit my dad.  We wanted to see how he was doing since his surgery and also take him some food.  Thankfully he is doing very well. 
We stopped for lunch in town and then drove on to Crystal Springs to David's grandmother's house where we dropped David and Ben off to visit.  Cruz and I then drove on to Jackson.  I had purchased us tickets to see "Goodnight Moon" at New Stage Theatre. 

It was Cruz's first play and we were both excited.  It was very good!   Cruz sat through the whole thing and barely moved.  He was very attentive to everything they did.  He kept a constant smile on his little face and even laughed out loud a few times.  He really had a fun time- we both did.  I am so glad we got to go and spend the afternoon together. 

me and my sweet boy waiting to see "Goodnight Moon"
When we got back home that night my mom stopped by to see us.  She was in town having supper with a friend and decided to stop by on the way home.  She played for a while with the boys and then helped give them a bath and get them ready for bed before she left.    That was a big help.

Mimi reading books with the boys
Sunday morning we headed to Macedonia Baptist Church here in Brookhaven.  When we shared there earlier this month at the Associational Meeting some members there asked us to come back on a Sunday.  We decided to go this week.  One of the families, the Hart's, invited us over for lunch after the service.  We tried to decline knowing it would be terribly difficult to enjoy with our two rowdy boys, but they insisted.  We went and, yes, it WAS difficult, but we enjoyed the fellowship anyway.  They have a daughter and son-in-law on the mission field with the IMB so we have a good connection with them in that aspect.  They are sweet, precious folks and we are glad to have crossed paths with them.

David and the boys with Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Glenda
The boys were asleep before we got on the road good.  We got home, put them to bed, and they both slept for a while.  When they got up my mom was here waiting to see them again.  We had a speaking engagement on Sunday night at Shiloh Baptist Church in Sontag so she came to help with the boys.  I ended up staying home with them and David went alone.   We cooked and baked chocolate cupcakes, and had a fun evening together.  As I mentioned in my last post I planned to try out a recipe for Creamy Turnip Green Soup  that I ate at Porches last week.  I cooked it and it turned out really good.  I am sure I will be making it again soon.

my (almost empty) pot of creamy turnip green soup
If you like turnip greens at all you should try it.  It's pretty good and very easy to make.
How is it Monday again already???  The weeks just seem to be flying by.  I'm off to buy a few groceries and I have a laundry basket overflowing with clothes just calling my name.  I also have a doctors appointment this afternoon to have a follow-up mammogram.  Yikes!  That's just how you want to spend a Monday, right?  Have a great week everyone.  Stay warm!

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