Monday, January 6, 2014

The Weekend

After a long day in the house we decided to go out to eat on Friday night. David chose Bowie's Barbeque. It was our first time to go there. We enjoyed it. We ate fried catfish along with fried okra, mashed potatoes, waffle fries, baked beans, and hushpuppies. Yum! The restaurant is like an old rustic cabin. We enjoyed sitting close to the fireplace because it was COLD that night.
me and the boys on the porch of the restaurant
On Saturday morning both boys slept until 8:00.  They also slept all night without waking us up.  That was a first since being in the States.  They have not slept very well here.  Maybe they are starting a new trend.  
After breakfast I left them home with their daddy and I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries.  That was a treat!  When I was checking out the cashier said "Oh, how nice.  You got a morning out by yourself".  She did not know me.  I guess she assumed that because I was buying things like diapers, apple juice, and corn dogs that I had small kids.  She was right.  It was nice!  She has a 3 year old too and we had fun comparing stories about our kids.
I returned home, unloaded the groceries, put them away, loaded the kids in the van, and then we headed to Crystal Springs.  David had some errands to do so the kids and I hung out at his grandma's while he did them.  We ate lunch and then headed to Lake Chautauqua to let the kids play.  It was a beautiful, sunny day!  Larsen and Memaw went with us.
Larsen, Ben, and Cruz at Lake Chautauqua

cousin love 

we spent a long time letting the kids play on the playground


There is nothing I love more on a pretty, sunny day than to get my kids outdoors to play and enjoy some fresh air. 

Mr. Serious

Mr. Silly

We stopped by a store on the way home for coffee, a cappuccino, and some juice for the boys.  While inside David also picked us up some Krispy Kreme donut holes.  We snacked in the car on the way back.  We also picked up some free kid tickets for an upcoming circus.  I hope we get to go.  We LOVE the circus!

It wasn't long before I looked back and saw this.  They were out!  That's another reason I like to get them out to run and play.

Later that afternoon my mom and Aunt Nita came to visit us.  It's always fun hanging out with those two.  We laugh a lot.   They took us out for supper to The Pasta Junction.  We enjoyed some lasagna, spaghetti, and cheese ravioli. 

Aunt Nita, Mimi, me, Ben, David, and Cruz at The Pasta Junction in Brookhaven
Sunday morning worship was a blessing.  When we don't have a speaking engagement we are enjoying just slipping into a service and being a part of the congregation.  Getting to sing and hear preaching in English is something that we miss greatly while on the mission field.  It has been a refreshing time for us just to sit, listen, and be Spiritually fed.  We need that.
Hello Monday.  It's cold today!  It was 19 degrees when we woke up.  I checked the weather back in Camotan, Guatemala and it was 75 there (with a high of 85).  Oh how we miss the warm climate!  David got out and attended the weekly Monday Morning Pastor's Meeting here in Brookhaven.  They meet each Monday for fellowship and prayer.  He has been going every Monday since we got back in the States.  He is enjoying getting to go and be a part of it.  It's our last free day before Cruz starts school and it's just too cold to get out and do anything.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) is his first day.  He's excited.  I'm a little sad.  I'll be sure and let you know how it goes.

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