Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rounding Out The Week

Cruz has been learning about transportation all this week in preschool.  On Thursday they were allowed to bring something from home for show-and-tell that was a form of transportation.  We lined out several options of things for him to pick from.  Surprisingly instead of choosing one of the many cars or trucks he has he chose to take a school bus.  Maybe he was thinking about transportation in Guatemala, ha. 

Cruz with his school bus before leaving for school 
Ben misses Cruz a lot when he is not home.  He walks around at times just calling his name.  It's cute but sad at the same time.  On the way home from taking Cruz to school that morning I decided to stop and get Ben (and myself too) a little treat.  I thought that Big Brother doesn't need to have all the fun  so I stopped by the bakery and picked us up some donuts. 

Now I am not sure what you think when you see this sign but I saw two things: 1) DONUTS and 2) DRIVE-THRU!  Yippee!  Maybe that's not a good thing because I pass it everyday and the thought of not having to get out of the car in this cold to enjoy one of my favorite things is a great enticement.  I'll be back!

Ben enjoying his donut.  He turned 21 months old that day so we had to celebrate.
In addition to some house cleaning and clothes washing I also took some time that morning to work on the boys Valentine's shirts.  I ordered them some iron-on transfers off of Etsy and bought two white shirts from Wal-Mart.  I picked out several options and let Cruz choose.  At first he told me, "I can't wear a heart.  That means kisses."  I am not sure where he picked that up from.  For the longest time he was dead set on a tow truck that was hauling a heart until I showed him the firetruck.  He then said, "I want THAT"!  Anyway, I think their shirts turned out cute and I can't wait for them to wear them.

the boys Valentine's shirts

For lunch I met my mom at Porches in Wesson.  It's been a while since I have been there and I was really looking forward to it.  David kept Ben and they picked Cruz up from school so I could go alone.  That was a real treat for me. 

me and my mom at Porches 

I think I could eat there everyday and never get tired of it!  On this particular day I had Shrimp and Fried Eggplant Croistini with baked potato casserole (my very favorite!), skilled cabbage, a roll, and chess pie.  My oh my it was delicious!!!

We got back home in time to help David feed the boys lunch and get them down for naps.  I took this photo of the boys with my mom before they went to sleep.  While they slept we slipped out and went to do some shopping.  It was fun and relaxing.

Friday while Cruz was at school Ben and I did some art projects.  In addition to coloring we also did markers and painted.  He had himself a grand 'ol time.

He was a huge fan of painting and cried when I finally made him stop to clean up.

Two of his papers.  I think he does pretty good for such a little boy.
Friday night we headed to Gallman to watch our niece Kaylie play basketball.  It was our first basketball game to attend since back in 2010 when I was home pregnant with Cruz.  I cannot believe my boys have never been to a game.  It's one of my favorite things to watch.  I feel pretty sure it was their last one to see for a while though considering how wiggly they were, ha.  It was fun though.

Cruz and Kaylie

We are looking forward to a fun weekend.  Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable one too.

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