Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Of Christmas 2013

On the day after Christmas we went to Memaw's house (David's mom) to exchange gifts. It was our fourth day in a row to "do Christmas" with family. We arrived mid-morning and began the visit by opening presents.
Memaw's tree and all of the gifts

Sawyer, Cruz, and Larsen

After all of the gifts were opened we ate lunch together.  We spent the rest of the afternoon there letting the kids play.

When we got back home that night Cruz wanted them to put their new scrubs on and play doctor.  I had their scrubs made for them in Guatemala before we came to the States.  It was one of their Christmas gifts from us.  He got a medical kit from his Memaw to go with it.

my precious little medical trainees

The next day (Friday) we were lazy bums.  We all stayed in our pajamas all day.  The boys and I were feeling sick with cold and flu like symptoms so I thought a day of rest was what we all needed.  We played, watched movies, and snacked all day long.  We ended the day by watching "The Wizard of Oz".  Both boys sat still between us on the couch and watched the whole movie.  It was a rare, still, quiet family moment that we enjoyed.
my boys chilling and snacking on a lazy, rest-filled day 
On Saturday Memaw and Larsen drove down to see us.  After a morning of playing we ordered pizza for lunch and then the boys took a quick nap.  We woke Cruz up so that we could go see an afternoon movie.  Memaw stayed home with Ben while David, Cruz, Larsen and I went to see "Frozen".  It was such a cute movie!

Larsen and Cruz in the theater wearing their 3D glasses
On Sunday we attended a local church here in Brookhaven and then came home to a pot of Taco Soup.  We napped and then headed to visit our friends, the Brown's.  They invited us over for a steak and baked potato supper and then a round of Phase 10.  They had someone come over to watch all the kids so that we adults could visit and play cards.  It was such a fun night!  The meal was delicious, the card game was fun, and the best part was that I won!!!  That always makes the night end on a good note, ha.  No-one took a single picture that night.  Can you believe it???
Monday we drove down to McComb and met David's dad at the McDonald's there for lunch and a little play time for the boys.  The McDonald's there has an indoor playland.  It's been really cold lately so they have not been able to play outside much (and it's about to get even colder!).  We enjoyed getting to visit with Mr. Harold. 
That night David and the boys spent some time putting together another one of Cruz's Christmas gifts he received- a Big Wheel.  He has had such a blast riding that thing.

 So that's it for now.  Our New Year's post will be next.

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