Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let It Snow!

We went to bed on Monday night knowing a snow storm was on the way.  We were all very excited and eager for Tuesday morning to arrive.  Our area was predicted 2-4 inches.  We woke up to a lot of sleet.  It continued to sleet for several more hours before we ever saw a flake.  The storm moved a little to the north and the heavy snow missed us.  We did get a good inch though and it was enough to enjoy it with our boys.   

Our morning began with a "Snow Day" breakfast.  I made banana pancakes and here is what Cruz's looked like-
 I love doing food art for my boys! 

We then patiently waited for the snow to start falling.  Our yard quickly turned to a sheet of white but it was all ice pellets.  While waiting the kids played inside.  At one point they got quiet and then Cruz came walking out of my bedroom dressed in his camo overalls and a pair of my heels.  He said "look mama" and I couldn't help but laugh.
 not the best choice for snow shoes, ha

And don't think little brother didn't get in on the action.  He was not far behind him wearing a pair too.  What Cruz does- Ben does! (unfortunately)

Here are me and the boys watching some cartoons while we waited on the snow.

and so it began...
Once the snow started coming down good we all got dressed and headed outside to play.  David had made a trip to Crystal Springs on Monday afternoon to get us all some warm clothes out of our shed.  His mama had some small size coveralls for the boys to wear.  We were ready!

our family about to enjoy the snow

David and Ben

Ben loved the snow but was not crazy about the cold or having to wear all of those clothes.

Cruz trying to eat the snowflakes

We walked down our street to join a group of neighbor kids who were already outside playing.

I love Ben in his "snowsuit".  It was a little long for him so we rolled it up and taped it.  When David first told me he was going to do that I thought he was crazy.  But it worked perfectly and now every time we think about it we laugh. 

The boys loved playing on the sled with the older kids!

Here are a few videos of them playing-

 I took the boys to jump on the neighbors trampoline. 

While we were jumping David walked home to get the Jeep.  Our neighbor snapped this picture of him riding it down the street.  It makes me laugh out loud!  I am glad that she shared it with us. 

 Cruz riding the jeep in the snow.

We came home for lunch and then took naps.  When the boys woke up I had them some snow ice cream to enjoy.
snow ice cream- a winter treat!
It was then back outside for more playtime.  We had soo much fun!
Cruz was very eager to make a snow angel.  We had read about them in books and seen them on t.v. but he finally got to make one himself.  He loved it!

me and my boys 

David brought out their sand kits from the beach and let them play in the snow with them.  It was a great idea.  They loved using the shovels to fill the buckets and then dumping them out and starting over again.  It also killed a lot of time.

our family enjoying the beautiful snow day
Cruz asked for a few trucks to play with in the snow.  That was a big hit also.  He loved it.

Ben mostly loved eating the snow.

me and Dave

While most everyone else around was eating chili and homemade soup I had planned to fix a pot roast.  I put it on that morning and let it cook all day.  It was a new recipe I had seen posted on facebook and I was eager to try it.  It did not disappoint!  Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!
Our snow day supper- Mississippi Pot Roast, homemade mashed potatoes (with gravy), and carrots. 
The ice and snow stayed around for two more days before it began to melt.  It's been a long week being homebound with two small, active boys.  On Wednesday afternoon we got back out and let the boys play some more.  At one point we put them in the jeep and went for a walk around our neighborhood.  We walked several blocks and just enjoyed being outside.  It was still very cold, but nice.

 This one makes my heart smile! 

I am soo glad we got to see and experience snow.  I would have been a little disappointed to go back to Guatemala without it.  Unless we get another snow storm this winter it will be several years before we'll get the chance to see it again.  I'm thankful for the pictures I took and on those really hot Guatemala days maybe I'll look back and remember just how cold we have been this week and feel refreshed.  It's been a fun, winter wonderland kind of week!

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