Saturday, January 25, 2014

It Ended With Some Flakes

Here are some random photos from our week-

On Tuesday I met my dad for lunch at Porches.  Have I mentioned lately that it's my favorite place?  ha  We both had fried oysters (another one of my favorites there).  I also had the Turnip Green Soup for the first time.  I had read several comments about it on facebook in the past and was eager to try it.  It was DELICIOUS!  So much so that I came home to google the recipe and plan to make it myself on Sunday.  I'll try to let you know how it turns out.  Anyway, my dad was having surgery on Thursday so I wanted to meet with him and go over some more details with him.

lunch at Porches with my dad 
I took this next photo on Tuesday night.  It is a picture of Cruz's favorite animals that he sleeps with each night.  I went in to check on him after he was asleep and found them neatly laying on the floor beside his bed.  He had laid all of them out side by side and covered them with his "towel" (old burp cloth).  He also sleeps with one of those each night.  It was just a sweet sight and I couldn't resist a picture.

He has a neatness gene for sure and also a nurturing gene. 

Here he is on Wednesday night on the way to church.  He was excited about going to Mission Friends.  Mission Friends is a class for preschoolers to learn about missions.  I could tell from the color sheet that he brought home that this week he learned about people in Bulgaria although you wouldn't know it by listening to him.  He only talked about play dough and "red" Hawaiian Punch they drank for snack.

This past week and next week Cruz is learning nursery rhymes at preschool.  He learns a new one each day.  He comes home singing them and it makes me smile.  On Thursday he let me record him singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep".  I have the video below.  On Friday he learned "The Muffin Man" and they made blueberry  muffins.  Each Friday they have a "cooking experience" at preschool and they cook/ make something.  I am sure he is enjoying that. 

Cruz singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep"

I spent some time on Thursday at the hospital in Jackson for my dad's surgery.  It went very well and they let him go home the same day.  Pray for him as he recovers and gets back to normal.  On the drive home I started seeing snowflakes.  What is it about seeing snow that just brings out the kid in you?  I could hardly contain myself and could not wait to get home to the boys to share it with them.  It snowed way into the night although it only gave us a light dusting.  It was pretty coming down and we had fun watching it.
Cruz trying to catch a snowflake

me and Cruz  
We were loving it!

After bath time we let the boys watch a movie in their room before going to bed.  Here they are in their inflatable Spiderman chairs sharing their Batman blanket. 

Cruz got to play outside a minute before we left for preschool on Friday morning.  We had very little snowfall on the ground but he didn't care.  It was the first snow he had ever seen so it fascinated him.

tasting the snow

on our windshield

Snow just makes me happy.  Does it you?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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