Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Shave

I just cannot seem to grasp just how grown up Cruz is getting.   There is nothing baby left about him and very little toddler if any.  He is all Big Boy!  We are starting to see some areas where he seems to be maturing and although he is still a daily challenge, life is getting easier with him.  I feel like it was yesterday when he was my baby.  The time really does go by quickly and it makes me sad. 
With that being said it didn't help my sadness any when he got a Bath Time Shave Set for Christmas.  He was soo excited to get to shave "like daddy".  He drove us crazy until we finally opened it and let him try it out.  He loved it as you can see from the photos below. 

 The Spider Man shave kit he got for Christmas.  He is definitely becoming a Super Heroes fan. 
David helped him get started and then let him loose to do it alone

"look, mommy"

He loved it!
I am afraid I am going to blink and he'll be 16 and shaving for real.  I know I'll look back on these photos and smile big.  He's going to grow up whether I like it or not.  I already tell him that he'll always be my baby and in my heart I know that he will.  These are precious days and I am trying hard to savor every minute of them.  So for now we'll play, pretend, and enjoy all the simple things that make being a child so fun.

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