Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bonding With Some Baptist Women

Monday night I had a speaking engagement to attend here in Brookhaven.  I was the guest speaker at a WMU Missions Meeting.  The meeting was for all Baptist ladies in the Lincoln Association.  We had a large turnout and many churches were represented.  It coincided with an Associational Men's Rally that was taking place the same night.  David got to join the men while I spoke to the ladies.  The boys had fun playing together in the nursery.  The meeting was held at Macadonia Baptist Church.  It was a really fun night.  Everyone loved on our family and were a great encouragement to us.  I am so glad we got to be a part of their night.  As a result I know many churches in this area will be praying for us and that blesses our hearts.
This is me with Mrs. Edna.  She is the Associational WMU Director.  She is the one who contacted me about speaking.  She is also one of the ones in charge of the mission house we are staying in and has done a wonderful job of making sure our needs are met and that we are comfortable.  She is such a sweet lady.

some of the ladies as they arrived

I wore my Chorti dress and I think the ladies liked seeing it.  I shared about life in general on the mission field, our family, and our ministry in Guatemala.  I'm just a little passionate about what we do and I love sharing about it. 

Before I spoke we had a finger food meal.  Below is a picture of a cupcake "tree" that someone made.  I thought it was soo cute and just had to take a picture to share.
These ladies are passionate about WMU and I am thankful for how they teach and promote missions in their churches.  I am a product of those missions classes and I am thankful for the impact they had on my life through the years.  Being there made me proud to be a Baptist woman.   I had fun!

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