Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back To School

Monday was our last free day before school began. I wanted to get out and do something fun with Cruz but it was just too cold. It's been record breaking temps around here this week and we are definitely not used to living in cold weather anymore.  So instead we just spent the day inside.  That morning I decided to bake some "back to school" themed cookies for the boys.  I had some dough in the freezer left over from our Christmas cookies so I thawed it out the night before.    The boys had a lot of fun rolling the dough out, playing in the flour, and using the cutters.   
We made star shaped cookies.

Ben would eat all of the dough I gave him.  He had no cookies to show for his work, ha.

While they baked the boys played.  They are really enjoying this new tent and tunnel they got for Christmas.  I am enjoying (not really) cleaning it out at the end of every day and finding all sorts of interesting things that they have hidden in there throughout the day.
I also decorated the cookies while they played.  I used primary color icing and drew "A, B, C's" and "1, 2, 3's" on them.  When Cruz sat down at the table to eat some he jumped right back up, ran over to me, gave me a huge kiss on the cheek, and said, "OH thank you mama!  You always made us special treats".  It just completely melted my whole heart. 

That night after they were in bed I did a little decorating for the next morning.  I hung streamers and balloons in the boys doorway and also the doorway of the hall leading into the kitchen.  I made a banner to hang over Cruz's chair at the table for him to enjoy at breakfast.

1st Day of Preschool banner

We had banana pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  I made Cruz's pancake in the shape of a number 3.

first day of preschool morning

ready for breakfast

You can tell I don't have a printer because I had to hand make him a sign.  I added the word "English" to it because the thing he has been most excited about was going to school where everyone speaks English.  Bless his heart I know it was hard on him last year in Spanish preschool but he did learn a lot. 

a photo with my big boy before leaving home

Little brother didn't want to be left out so we took another picture with him in it.
It was 12 degrees when I left to take Cruz to school!  YIKES!  It was way too cold to take any photos outside of the school and I was so distracted once we got inside that I didn't take any there either.  Bummer.
He only goes for 3 hours (8:30 - 11:30).  He had a great first day.  On Tuesday's they have a gymnastics class.  I didn't think they would do it the first day back but they did.  I think he really enjoyed that!  He will have a music class on Thursdays that I am certain he will love too.  I am just thankful that he is getting to go and be a part of it.  I pray that it will be a positive experience for him and that he will love it very much.
As you can imagine I was quite eager to get back to pick him up.  I asked a million questions about his morning.  We all went to get him with plans to take him out for lunch.  We were thinking a hamburger but he wanted a cheese quesadilla.  We ended up going to Taco Bell.  He was happy with that. 
Cruz at Taco Bell celebrating his first day of preschool.
After lunch we made a stop by The Sweet Tooth frozen yogurt shop.  It was a first visit for us.  Cruz loves ice cream and frozen yogurt so we thought it would be fun to take him there.  He squealed when he got inside!

Yes it was freezing cold outside but who can resist ice cream???
We let him pick what flavor he wanted and I knew he would pick strawberry.   David and I got a mixture of a few different flavors.  Some of our toppings included strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, gummy bears, Reece's pieces, chocolate syrup... doesn't that sound fun!

Happy 1st day of school, Cruz!

Ben enjoyed himself also

yummy, yummy treats

 our family celebrating Cruz's 1st day of preschool
I just love special days!!!
I took my camera inside the second day of school and snapped a photo of Cruz with his teacher, Mrs. Lisa.  Would you pray for her over the next few months?  Lord knows she is going to need it, HA.
 Cruz with his new teacher
We are getting back into school mode and I am loving it!

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