Friday, January 24, 2014

A Little January Holiday Fun

Monday was a holiday (MLK Day) so there was no school for Cruz.  I had been checking the weather to see if it would be warm so that we could get out and go enjoy the day off.  It was predicted to be in the 60's so I made plans to go to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.  The museum is located at the LeFluer's Bluff State Park.  There is also a large picnic area and nice playground close by.  I packed a picnic lunch and we headed out. 
the museum entrance 

There is nothing I love more than experiencing life with these two wildcats. 

We all loved the aquariums.  This museum had some nice ones. 

My mom was off of work and went with us. 

Cruz enjoyed looking at the snakes.  This was about as close to them as I would get.  I have a huge phobia of snakes! 
I zoomed in to get a few photos of him.  This was his favorite one to watch.  It had snakes swimming in water.

They both enjoyed a little bird watching. 

Mimi and Ben 

At one point a museum worker brought out an animal for all the kids to pet.  Cruz was really hoping it would be an alligator (that was his very favorite thing to see at the museum), but instead she brought out a turtle named Pete.  Both boys enjoyed getting to pet it and see it up close.

Ben petted it several times. 

Before leaving the museum we headed outback to walk along the nature trails they have.  It was such a beautiful day to be outside and enjoy the fresh air! 

they did a lot of running 
We stopped by the gift shop before leaving and picked out a few things for the boys.  My mom got them this book-  
It's a cute story about winter in Mississippi.  It has a place to put your own pictures of enjoying winter and a space to write winter memories.  I'll be filling those in before long and it will be a neat treasure to take back to Guatemala. 

We had our picnic lunch at Riverside Park just outside the entrance to the museum. 

We then walked the boys over to the playground to burn off any energy they had left, ha.  They played for over an hour and had a blast.

that smile sums up our day- FUN 

playing on the park golf cart before we left
The museum was very nice and interesting.  The picnic was a fun treat.  The playground was perfect.  Overall I think I made a great choice of how to spend our day.  We all left tired, but with big smiles.

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