Friday, December 20, 2013

Visits With Family

After returning home from Georgia we had four straight days of family visits. We started on Wednesday with a visit from Memaw (David's mom) and our niece Larsen. Larsen takes gymnastics on Wednesday afternoons in the town where we are staying so they have been stopping by every week after she is done. The boys love to play with her.
Memaw, Ben, Larsen, and Cruz

Cruz, Memaw, and Larsen
On Thursday evening we had a visit from Mr. Harold (David's dad) and his wife Jody.   They came and ate supper with us and visited for a while.   We enjoyed our time with them!

David, Cruz, Mr. Harold, and Ben

David and the boys Friday morning eating a snack and watching Tom and Jerry.  My boys have become big fans of Tom and Jerry since we got to the States.  Memaw loaned them several DVD's to watch and they love them.

That night my mom, Aunt Nita, and Mrs. Ann came over to watch the boys so David and I could go out to eat and do a little Christmas shopping.  It was a nice evening for us.  We shopped and then went to eat Mexican food.  The boys had a blast too back at home.

Mrs. Ann, my mom, Cruz, me, Ben, and my Aunt Nita
Mrs. Ann brought us all Christmas presents to open

I'd say he was pretty happy about that!

In addition to gifts she gave us all ornaments to hang on our tree. 

While we were out they helped the boys make Christmas cookies.  I cannot imagine the chaos that was, but from the way they talked about it I think they all had a fun time doing it.  I am glad for the memory that the ladies have of it.  I am sure they will be talking about it for many Christmases to come, ha. 

On Saturday we went to a luncheon/ reunion for my dad's family.  He has 10 brothers and sisters (all of whom are still living) and 9 of those were there that day.  I think that is pretty good.  My grandparents are no longer living but I am glad the family still gets together twice a year to see each other.  The only picture I took was a group photo of the siblings (minus one who had already left before I took it).
Here is my dad with my Uncle Cecil, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Gerald, Aunt Linda, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Neal, and Uncle Ronny.  (missing are Uncle Wayne and Uncle Maurice).  Most days I struggle to get by raising my 2 boys.  I do not know how my grandmother did it with 7 boys and 3 girls!!!

We are enjoying our time with family and I am glad that our boys are getting to know them. 

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