Thursday, December 12, 2013

Visiting Canton- The City of Lights

We recently took a little trip north with our friends the Brown's to visit Canton, MS. Canton is known as the "City of Lights". For many years they have been decorating their city square and people from all around go there to see it. It was our first time to see it and we thought it was very beautiful! We started our night with a stop by the local Mexican restaurant for supper and then headed into town to see the lights.
The White's and the Brown's in Canton
David, Ben, me, Malinda, Reagan, Sara Madalin, and Cruz

me and Malinda
she always knows how to make me laugh

Canton, MS

There are several museum displays to visit.  We stopped at this one first to take pictures.  Isn't it pretty!

our family in Canton, MS

We then headed back outside to watch the character parade.  The kids loved it!

Cruz's face tells just how much he liked the parade.

Cruz shaking hands with one of the characters

We took a ride on the firetruck

sweet Ben

me and Cruz on the firetruck

David and Ben

Sara Madalin and Cruz had fun riding the cars

I love that tongue hanging out!

we rode the carousel
We rode the trolley around the town square
We took a lot of pictures and best of all we laughed all night long!  It was such a fun time and we were glad to get to enjoy it with friends.

Malinda, Jana, and me
Jana is a sweet girl that we have known for several years.  She was one of Malinda's former marketing students in college.  She now works for the City of Canton and is in charge of putting on the Christmas show.  We were happy to visit with her and let her show us around.  She did a fantastic job and we enjoyed all of her hard work.  Canton was pretty.  Canton was fun.

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