Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Just like every other day our Thanksgiving morning started early. Our boys are just early risers. Ben was somewhat of a late sleeper until we got to the States and there are days when he is up before Cruz (sigh). So, here they are watching cartoons while I cooked breakfast-
a little snuggle time with their daddy on Thanksgiving morning 

We ate pumpkin pancakes, bacon, and fruit.  Here is Cruz's plate.  I made his pancake in the shape of a turkey.  He loved it!  He climbed up to the table and before I could get to him he grabbed the brand new bottle of syrup and told me "I'll do the syrup mama by myself".  And pour he did!  His poor little turkey was swimming in syrup in no time.  Oh well, he still gobbled it up.

We took a Thanksgiving morning family picture before we left for the day.

my precious boys on Thanksgiving morning

We then drove to Crystal Springs to spend the day with David's family at his grandmother's house.

Kaylie, Ben, Cruz, Memaw, and Larsen

It was cool but not too cold to play outside.  The kids had fun running and playing.

Cruz and his cousin Larsen


The kids had fun playing on the four wheeler.  They loved pretending to drive it.  Notice the dead deer still strapped to the back. 

eating Thanksgiving lunch
After eating a few of us took the kids and went for a walk around town.  I love to do that when we are home.  We walked uptown and let them see some of the Christmas decorations that were already on display.

Cruz, Larsen, and Ben

Here they are sitting in the Magnolia tree in town.  Mississippi is known as the Magnolia State.  I have pictures of Cruz and Larsen from last year sitting in this same spot.  Maybe that will be a new tradition on our trips home.

Uncle Kelly (our brother-in-law) took the kids for rides on the four-wheeler that afternoon.

Kelly and Ben

Cruz and Larsen having fun in the leaves.  I love Cruz's expression here!
When it got dark we all drove out to Lake Chautauqua to see the decorations.  It is a drive through holiday light display.  Many of the businesses and churches in our area decorate a spot.  It was pretty. 

Ben, Cruz, Kevin, Aunt Libby, and Memaw
I only took a few pictures and this one is the sign advertising our brother-in-laws business.

It was a fun day with family.  I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

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