Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sweet Christmas Treats

The boys and I have had fun baking Christmas goodies and making Christmas crafts.  It's been a fun time and we've made some fun memories.  With the exception of a few ornaments that were given to us as gifts every other thing on our Christmas tree this year was homemade.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money to decorate a tree just for this year in the States.  While we were in Georgia the boys were given a Mickey Mouse gingerbread house kit.   We recently spent a Sunday afternoon putting it together.
building the house

what a fun time we were having

Putting on the candy.  It was hard to keep the boys from eating all of the supplies!

Our finished product.  Not too bad for our first time to ever make one.

Cruz was very proud of it.
We also made Christmas cookies.  I let the boys have fun playing with the dough, flour, and rolling pins.  They made a mess but they had fun doing it.

my little bakers

Cruz LOVES to help me cook.  He got his own apron for Christmas and loves it.

our baked cookies before we decorated them

our Christmas cookies
these were some mini reindeer brownies that we made for a family gathering
Cooking with my kids takes longer and at times can completely stress me out, but they really love it so I try to be patient and let them join me. I try to remind myself that they are only little for a while and it won't be long until they will not have any desire to spend time with their mama in the kitchen.  When that day comes this mama's heart will be very sad!

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