Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stone Mountain Park

On Saturday morning of our trip to Georgia we set out for Stone Mountain. It was top on my list of things to do while there if time permitted. I wanted the boys to ride the sky ride and also the train among other things.  We arrived mid-morning.  It was cold!
Entering Stone Mountain Park.  It is a beautiful place.  I had been there once before back in the summer of 1993 but I did not remember much about it.

The Skyride Plaza

There was a blue one and a red one.  Of course Cruz wanted to ride the red one so thankfully that was the next one in line when it was our turn.

Boarding the skyride.  It was full when we left we just happened to be first in line to board.

David and the boys before we took off

Look at that excited face.  He loved it!

the carving on Stone Mountain

a view from the top

David and Ben on top of Stone Mountain

our family on Stone Mountain

After riding the skyride we then headed to the Christmas Village. First up was the train ride around the base of the mountain. 

David and the boys on the train 

me and Cruz on the train

me and my sweet boy Ben at Stone Mountain

Cruz enjoying the train ride

There is nothing I love more than experiencing life through the eyes of my children!

precious brothers

inside the village at Stone Mountain

After lunch and a few other stops we headed to see The Polar Express 4-D Experience.  It was awesome!  All four of us just loved it.

getting our 4D glasses on

We stopped by the glass shop and spent some time watching them make colored glass.  This was probably Cruz's favorite thing of all.  He stood very still and just watched with amazement everything they did.  It was very interesting to all of us.

 They were making purple which Cruz reminded me was my favorite color, ha.
me and my boys at Stone Mountain Park
We left mid-afternoon just as they were starting most of their Christmas programs.  I would have loved to stay and see it all (especially the nighttime parade and fireworks show), but I knew our boys were getting tired.  It had been a long day, but a very fun one.  We hope to return again someday and enjoy it all again with our two boys.
That night Mrs. Joyce cooked supper and we stayed in.  We got the boys to bed early and spent the rest of the evening visiting.  David did a little studying for the next morning, and we all got a good nights rest.

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