Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our Sunday At Flat Creek Baptist Church

Sunday morning of our recent trip to Georgia we shared in the morning worship service about our work in Guatemala. We started the morning in a Sunday School class with Tabb. It was on the way to that class that we realized that we forgot our jump drive back at the Pearson home which is a good 30 minute drive away. On that jump drive was our PowerPoint presentation about our work. Ugh! I tried to tell David we had time to run back and get it but he just said he would make due without it.  I am glad he was the one sharing because it would have completely stressed me out, ha.  He ended up doing a fantastic job and you would never have known he was lacking part of his presentation.  It was a great morning of worship at Flat Creek Baptist Church in Fayetteville, GA. 
our family with the Pearson's (our hosts) before we left for church

After the morning service they had their March for Missions.  This was to kick start their giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  They started with the nursery and young children.  The workers marched the little ones in so that they could place their offering in the basket.  I love that my boys got to participate!  After the children all of the adults marched forward and placed their offerings in the baskets as well.  It was great for us to see so many giving.  These offerings enable us to go and serve.  It blessed our hearts!

After church we went to eat with all of the Pearson's at a Mexican restaurant.  There were 11 of us total.  We all shared one big table and enjoyed eating and fellowshipping around it.  David and I had shrimp quesadillas and they were the best I have ever eaten.  Oh my they were delicious!

We then headed back to the Pearson house to load up our things and let the boys take a nap.  We returned to the church at 3:30 to attend their "Back to Bethlehem" program.  It was amazing!  It was a replica of Bethlehem times when Jesus was born.  They had individual booths set up and decorated in Bethlehem fashion.  At each booth there was a different activity for the kids to do.  It was very fun and educational.   Cruz and I went around to all the booths and David watched Ben chase all of the animals.

They had many live animals for the kids to see and pet.  They even had a live camel!

Ben and Mr. Gary petting the animals

Here is Cruz "paying his taxes" so that he could enter.  The kids were all given play coins in their bags to give to the man at the door.

Here is Cruz learning about some of the music in Jesus' day.  He got to take home this wooden instrument. 

Here he is with Mrs. Tonya making his own spice jar.  He got to pick which spices he wanted to put in it.

His favorite booth of all was the bakery where he got to play with dough and flour.  There were rolling pins, cutters, and child safe knives for them to use as well.  He stayed at this booth forever and then made a return visit before we left.  I am definitely going to have to make him some dough at home to play with.  It entertained him well!  At this booth they also had several different types of breads for the kids to sample along with some jellies.

He enjoyed playing with baby Jesus' toes.

Here he is painting a wooden hammer.

Mr. Gary took him to see the camel again before we left

Here are all the things Cruz got to make and take home that day.  It was soo much fun!
We left there around 5:15 headed two hours north to see Wendall and Jane Parker.  They are retired IMB missionaries who we worked with during our first term.  It was cold, dark, and raining.  Not a good combination for a road trip but we made it safely.  Can you guess where we stopped for supper?  Zaxby's.  We don't intend to eat there so much we just cannot seem to pass it up.  We all love the chicken strips so it suits us just fine.

Supper at Zaxby's.  This was right before Cruz went to the restroom and ran face first into the door and almost knocked himself out.  That did not make for a joyous road trip either, ha. 
We arrived at the Parker's and after a little visiting we put the kids to bed.  We then stayed up way past our normal bedtime chatting with Mr. Wendall and Mrs. Jane.  They are precious and we are very glad for our time with them.  I'll post more about that visit next.

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