Monday, December 23, 2013

Kids Night

Last Tuesday night we made a last minute decision to go eat supper at Back Yard Burgers in Byram.  David's mom, sister, and niece went with us. 
Memaw, David, and a "just woke up from a nap" Ben 

me and Cruz
We didn't know until we arrived that every Tuesday is Kids Night there.  That means .99 cent kids meals and free activities for the kids to do.  As we pulled into the parking lot I asked Cruz what he would like to eat.  He said "get me some beans con quesadilla".   He is really confused why beans are not a staple food at every place we eat like in Guatemala, ha.  He ended up eating a hot dog.  His favorite part about his kids meal was that they put a Rice Krispie Treat inside.  That is one of his favorite snacks.  He was happy.
The kids enjoyed some playtime on the indoor playland (another reason we loved this Back Yard Burgers!)
After playing they stopped long enough to do the craft of the week.  It was making reindeer food.  The kids got to spoon the different ingredients into their bags to take home for Christmas Eve.

scooping some oatmeal

 They also had two tables filled with coloring books and colors.  
It was a fun night for all of us.  We will definitely be returning again one Tuesday night.

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