Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Ready For School

I had started checking into preschools in this area several months before our term ended. I had Cruz "registered" to attend a 3 year old class before this school year even began. The director just needed his shot record and for me to fill out a registration form to put into his file. She said to wait and bring those things to her when we arrived in the States. Last week Cruz and I made a visit to his new "school" and dropped those off and also got a tour of the facility. He is really excited about it and especially likes that everyone there will be speaking English. ha That is really what he says most when you ask him about going to school in the States. He loved seeing all of the boys and girls and I think he would have stayed the rest of the morning if I had left him.

He will get to do the whole second semester of the school year while we are in the States.  Classes start back after Christmas break. They only meet for 3 hours a day, but it will be perfect for him to play and learn (in English). It will also help kick start his learning of letters, numbers, and writing before I begin homeschooling him some next fall after we return to Guatemala. We expect it to be a fun, positive experience for him.
Cruz getting registered for preschool
Afterwards we stopped by the local donut shop for a celebration snack.   Unfortunately for my waistline the shop is very close to Cruz's school so I am afraid we might be making many more stops over the next several months.  He and I love donuts!

He said "I want a brown one".  He also asked for brown milk, but I made him choose- brown donut or brown milk.  He chose a brown (chocolate) donut and white milk.  We both were happy.


me and my precious Cruz at the donut shop

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