Monday, December 16, 2013

Fish, Donuts, and A Meltdown

I may never catch up on blogging! My days just seem to get away from me here and by nighttime I am so exhausted I usually just end up going to bed. Life in the States is so busy, especially this time of the year.

Anyway, I'll continue on with our recent trip to Georgia. On Friday morning both boys slept very late, as in 8:00ish. Georgia is an hour ahead of us but still to think of them both sleeping to 7:00 is amazing. Below are photos of them before breakfast watching cartoons at the Pearson's house-
Cruz still a little groggy

sweet Ben
After breakfast we headed out for a day trip to the Georgia Aquarium.  It was our first time to visit it and we were very impressed.  All four of us loved it!

David and the boys outside of the Georgia Aquarium

David and Cruz trying to pet the sting rays

The aquarium was so beautiful!

I loved these dragon fish

the boys playing in the penguin exhibit


Cruz looking up close at a penguin

Our family waiting for the dolphin show to start.  It was our favorite thing.  The boys were amazed.

lunch at the aquarium- pizza and hot dogs= expensive!!!

Our family under the tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium.   I love getting to do things as a family.  It makes my heart happy!

Cruz had told me before we arrived that he wanted to see a red fish (because red is his favorite color).  He said, "mommy, maybe we can also see a purple fish because that is your favorite color."  I told him that I was not sure that there would be any purple fish there.  Well, you can imagine his surprise when he saw these fish and he said real excitedly "look, mommy, they do have purple... and pink too".   

me and my boys

Inside the aquarium.  Isn't it pretty!
After our time at the aquarium we made a stop by Krispy Kreme for a donut snack.  We had hoped they would be making some so Cruz could see the process but instead they were cleaning the machines.  David explained it all to him anyway and he thought it was cool.

David showing Cruz how the donuts are made.

We let him pick out which one he wanted.  I knew he would pick chocolate and I knew he would pick sprinkles.  My boy is a big sprinkle fan!

My little donut loving man.  He gets that from his mama (and his Mimi)
That night we were invited to supper with Tabb and Tonya Pearson (our hosts son and daughter-in-law).  We love them and were so excited about getting to spend some time of fellowship with them.  They are just as sweet and precious as Gary and Joyce.  WELL, thanks to our boys we got little to none of that.  They were horrible!  They screamed, cried, wouldn't eat, wouldn't sit down, wouldn't play, wouldn't do anything but cry, whine, and fuss.  It was a terrible night for us and I was very relieved to get them in the bed and let them get some rest.  I think all of the traveling and being on the go finally caught up with them and they had definitely reached their limits!

Mrs. Joyce, Mr. Gary, Jonathan, Tonya, Tabb, me, Cruz, David, Ben, Rebecca, and Rachel

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