Friday, December 13, 2013

Bama Bound

Last Wednesday we set out on a week long road trip to Georgia.  We were invited to speak there by some precious folks at Flat Creek Baptist Church in Fayetteville.  I was first scheduled to speak to a ladies group on Thursday night.  David did not want me to have to travel all day and then go speak so we decided to leave on Wednesday, drive half way, and arrive on Thursday afternoon.

our family before heading out on our first U.S. road trip

the boys had a blast "helping" David load the car
 Welcome to Alabama
I had told David that I wanted to get out and take a picture in front of the sign, but as you can see this is all I got. 

 We stopped at the welcome center to use the restroom and stretch our legs.  It is a beautiful rest stop.

me and my boys in Alabama

We enjoyed a little snack break before getting back on the road

silly boys!
We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's in Livingston, AL.  The name of the town made us think about Livingston, Guatemala- a place we have visited a few times.  After eating we traveled on to Birmingham and stopped for the night.  At the welcome center we picked up a few travel booklets and a coupon book for hotels.  I was specifically looking for places with indoor pools so we could swim and the boys could burn off some energy.  I found an advertisement for a Drury Inn and Suites.  In addition to an indoor pool it also offered a free hot breakfast and a free hot supper.  How could we pass that up?

Our hotel for the night.  When we drove up Cruz asked me "Mama, is this our new house?"  My kids are so confused!  haha  He also asked me "Are we going to get a new car now?  If so, how about a grey one?".  We got a lot of laughs from that. 

I'd say he liked his new house, ha ha

We got checked in, changed clothes, and headed straight for the pool.

David, Ben, and Cruz relaxing in the hot tub

This photo cracks us up.  I had planned back in Guatemala to swim on this trip and made sure we all had our swimsuits packed in our bags for the States to bring with us.  Well, somehow my swimsuit never made it.  I was certain I had packed it, but I guess it got left in Guate.  I just decided I would not swim on the trip but after arriving David insisted I wear some of his clothes and get in with the boys.  So, here I am in David's shirt and gym shorts and yes, much to my disliking, I got in.  I was very thankful that no one else joined us that afternoon!  Cruz asked me numerous times "Mama, why are you wearing Daddy's clothes???"

our family in the hot tub
The hotel also advertised free afternoon snacks and drinks.  We are all about free stuff so we headed down to partake.  It was popcorn and sodas.  Yum!

Cruz by the popcorn cart

me and Cruz enjoying our afternoon/ after swim snack

Ben enjoyed the popcorn too
We asked about the "free hot food" they advertised for supper when we checked in and the clerk told us it would be snacks.  Well, who knew snacks were spaghetti and meatballs, baked potatoes, hot dogs, soup, salad bar, nacho bar, and unlimited drinks.  We "pigged out" as we like to say.  It was delicious, and best of all it was free and we didn't have to drag our kids out in the cold to go to a restaurant. 

 Ben enjoying his spaghetti and meatballs.  He loved it.

After eating we made a stop by the exercise room just to burn off that last bit of energy before returning to the room for baths and bedtime. It worked! They were out in no time. We had a fun travel day. We made some family memories. And, we became fans of Drury Inn and Suites!

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