Monday, December 30, 2013

A Little Of Our Life Lately

I'll get to Christmas photos, eventually, but for now I'll share with you some pictures from the weekend before Christmas. David started getting sick on that Thursday night. He had lots of flu-like symptoms but it wasn't the flu. He is still not completely over it, but getting better. The kids and I have since had it too and are all on medications. Anyway, with that being said I was pretty much a single mom that weekend.

As part of our Christmas gift my mom had made us dinner reservations for that Friday night at my favorite restaurant- Porches. They are normally only a lunchtime restaurant but during the month of December they open up on weekend nights by reservation only. The house is beautifully decorated for Christmas and they serve a nice, fancy meal. I was super excited about it, and just heartbroken when David got sick and we had to cancel.   So, instead, I made plans to just hang out with the boys.  That Friday afternoon Cruz and I baked chocolate cupcakes.  Chocolate always makes you feel better, right?

That night my mom and Aunt Nita (who were supposed to come anyway to keep the kids while we went out to eat) came down and we went out to look at Christmas lights.  Our first stop was supper at McDonald's.  The boys loved it!

me, Cruz, Ben, my mom, and Aunt Nita

This photo makes me laugh.  Not only did Ben have his Happy Meal box on his head but he has finally started saying Cruz's name.  When he does he always pokes his lips out like in the picture.  Here he is saying "CRUZZZZZ".  It's too cute!

After eating we drove all over town looking at lights.  We were gone for about 3 hours.  We laughed.  We listened to and sang Christmas music.  We talked about past memories.  We just simply had a blast.  It was a fun night.

At one point we came across this sign for Margaret Street.  My mom's name is Margaret so she jumped out and wanted to take a picture under the sign (something else that had us laughing).  The funniest part though is that she barely showed up in the picture (if you look close you will see her).  We were like "where are you?"   Oh we laughed! 

On Saturday morning the boys and I drove to Crystal Springs for Larsen's birthday party.  She turned 7.  She was just one week old when we left to go to Guatemala back in 2006.   Time flies.

our niece Larsen with her princess cake

our niece Kaylie and Ben

Cruz excited about his cake and ice cream

opening gifts

getting a little help from the boys
On Sunday morning Cruz and I went to church by ourselves.  We left Ben home to rest with David and we went to a local church here in Brookhaven.  I took a few photos with the boys before we left.

me and my precious boys

oh how I love my big boy Cruz!

and this little sweet thing just melts my heart!
After church Cruz and I went out to eat.  It was fun having that one on one time with him.  I pulled into the Wendy's parking lot and he looked across the way and spotted the Mexican restaurant.  He asked if we could go there instead and you know I was all for it.  We had the best time talking across the table and just enjoying each other's company.  He's a handful but he can also be so much fun.

my Sunday lunch date
We came home and took naps.  Afterwards we spent some time making a gingerbread house.  I'll try to post those photos next.

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