Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life Lately

Our life lately has been centered around getting our things in order for our trip to the States.  It is a little crazy and can be quite stressful at times. Overall it has gone pretty smooth.  I credit that to the prayers that we are feeling from friends all around.  Here are some photos I have taken over the past week or so.

These two do not really understand what all lies ahead but they are super excited to think about the trip they are going on.  Cruz is counting down the days until he gets on "the big airplane".  He is going to love it.  They have enjoyed playing in the suitcases before (and after) we have packed them.

One day I took an empty suitcase into the boys room and left out to go do something else.  I returned about five minutes later to find that Cruz had almost completely filled it with his toys and books.  He was proud.   And me?  not so much. ha

Here he is pretending to shoot birds.  I called him Steve Urkel for wearing those shorts like that, ha.

We have met with our missionary partner, Dan Watson, twice over the past week.   We try to get together about once a month to have a "team meeting" to talk about how his work is going, how our work is going, and how the work we are doing together is going.  It is always a good, encouraging time and we look forward to it.  We love the partnership we have with him.  It is a good fit for us.  

A few days later he returned with two of his helpers and David joined them for a trip up the mountain to do some follow-up with a few of the guys who recently went through the Ag Training.  We have lined up for one of the Honduran workers to come over and continue teaching Bible stories to them in their home.  I sure wish we could be here to do it and hope to join in after our time in the States.  This is an area that we are hoping to target after we return.

This past week the director at Cruz's school did a VBS for kids preschool- third grade.  It could not have come at a better time for us.  We were able to take him every morning and then come home and get a lot of things done around the house.  He had a blast!  He loved getting to go back to "school" and see all of his friends.  He was never ready to leave each day when we went to pick him up.

Here he is the first morning before we took him.  You will notice those socks he has on.  He has about three different pair, all gray and navy blue, that he got as a birthday party gift.  They are still a little too big but he found them in his room recently and insists on wearing a pair of them  He loves them and I just let him wear them (even though I cringe because they match nothing).

I picked him up one day and immediately noticed his blue hands.  I assumed it was just paint until I got him home and tried to wash it off.  This picture was taken later in the day after I had scrubbed his hands at least 4 times.  He must have found some food coloring, ink, or something similar and got into it at school.  This stuff stayed on there for several days.

One day he proudly came home to show me this snowman craft he had made.  It was very cute.

He loves to take pictures with my camera and insisted that he take a picture of his hurt leg after VBS one day.  He fell while running and scraped his knee.  (notice those blue and gray socks!)

We went to the local gas station one day to fill up our car and get it washed.  While we waited we all jumped on the trampoline there.  The kids love it.  We big kids love it too!

This one is a little blurry but it shows how Ben's hair would do every time they jumped.  I was laughing out loud.

 me and my sweet Ben jumping on the trampoline

Here are a few from bath time one night-

Here is a video of them playing in the tub.  At the end you will hear Ben saying "brother" to Cruz.

We recently had the Lubeck's over for dinner and fellowship.  We wanted to see them one last time before we leave.  With the exception of our boys going nuts we had a good evening with them.  They are a precious couple and they have helped us so much since we moved to this area.  We made plans to continue studying Chorti with them after we return and also talked about some ways we would like to partner in ministry together.  We look forward to both of those opportunities.

David, Ben, Cruz, Mrs. Diana, Mr. John, and me

On Friday night we met our friends the Byrd's for supper in Chiquimula.  When it works out we try to get together with them weekly to have a meal and fellowship.  They have become good friends to us and we just love them.  They are fun to hang out with.

Cruz, me, David, Ben, Jessica, and Josh
Cruz LOVES "Mista Josh"

Well this blog post is super duper long and I am sure I need to get back to packing so I'll leave it there for now.  I cannot believe this term is about to come to an end!  Wow!  Stay tuned and we will keep you updated as we make the transition to the States. Prayers are appreciated!!!

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