Saturday, November 30, 2013

First Weekend in the States

We spent most of last Friday getting our suitcases unpacked and getting things settled in. That's not exactly easy to do with two small ones running around. When I travel I just cannot seem to rest and relax until everything is unpacked and in its place. I was glad to get a lot accomplished that day.
When we arrived at our guest house on Wednesday night my mom had several helium balloons tied up all over the yard for us to see when we got here.  The boys have loved playing with them!
On Friday night Jackie and Nickey drove down to see us.  We went out to eat together at a local Mexican restaurant.  It was delicious!  They then spent some time visiting and playing with the boys before bedtime.

Ben,  Jackie, Cruz, and Nickey
On Saturday morning we headed to Crystal Springs to spend the day with David's family.  The kids had fun playing together.  David's sister took me around town to visit some of the new shops that have opened.  I loved a new consignment shop, Lucky Duck, and look forward to going back there soon.
we got to visit with Nannie Roberts

We also got to see David's Uncle Ray (this is his grandpa's brother)

Cruz and Larsen
These two have loved every minute they have had to be together so far!

A beautiful tree in Maw Maw Farmer's yard. 
Saturday night many of us went out to eat together at the Family Fish House in Hazlehurst.  Eating fried catfish is something we look forward to on our trips home.  We also love the turnip greens, hushpuppies, fried dill pickles, and coleslaw.  We love it all and can't wait to go back!

family at the fish house
Sunday morning we attended a local church here in Brookhaven- Easthaven Baptist.  I didn't take any pictures while there.  Ben cried most of the time in his class and Cruz loved it.  That is pretty much what I was expecting.  When we picked Cruz up his teacher met us at the door and without even a greeting she said "he LOVES donuts!  I mean he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, loves donuts!!!"  She said he just ate all he wanted.  We tried explaining that we don't normally get many donuts where we live and she said "well, he sure knew what they were!" ha ha   He gets that from his mama.

here is our family before we left for church
David's family cooked a big lunch and we ate together at his grandmother's house and visited for a while. Later that afternoon we drove over to the Brown's.  We were excited to see them and excited for the kids to play together.  We had pizza, chips and rotel, and coffee (lots of delicious coffee).  I just cannot put into words how wild was.  It was madness!  They had fun though.  We enjoyed getting to catch up with Reagan and Malinda and look forward to more of it while we are home.  We all spent MANY years together hanging out and being together and I love that we can now do it with our kids.  It's wild but we love it!

the White's and the Brown's

This is one of the only times that night that Cruz and Sara Madalin were still.  It didn't last long.

and this was my sweet boys on the way home.  They were exhausted!  It had been a busy weekend for all of us, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

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