Saturday, November 2, 2013

El Olam Graduation 2013

We got up at 5:30 a.m. last Friday morning to load our things in the car and start the long trip back home. It was drizzling in Sayaxche when we left and pretty much rained all but about the last two hours of the long eight hour drive back to our house. We needed to get back for Cruz's school graduation program that was scheduled to start at 3:00.  We stopped again in Rio Dulce for lunch but this time at a place called Bruno's (another friend recommendation).  The food was great but because it is an open air restaurant it was not the best place to be in a rain storm.  We arrived home around 2:30, unloaded our car, dressed Cruz in his uniform, and headed to the program.
A photo of Cruz after we arrived

Another photo of Cruz shortly after we arrived.  Notice a difference?  He ran off with some friends and decided to completely soak himself with water.  The place where the program took place has some small pools.  They had filled a few of them for everyone to swim in after the program.  Cruz and his buddies decided to test them out a little early.

This photo cracks me up!  I wanted to be upset with him for being wet but the sight of him just made us both burst into laughter.  He did not like us laughing at him, and it embarrassed him greatly.  Maybe that will teach him not to go off and get wet again, ha. 

Thankfully his part of the program was last so he had plenty of time to dry off.  The main program was to graduate the kindergarten, elementary, and junior high students.  It was a  program very similar to our graduations in the States.  The graduates marched in wearing robes.  They were each presented diplomas.  They marched out, and even tossed their hats into the air.  It was a really good program.

The Lubeck's were there and started the program off with a few songs.

Here are most of the graduates in their robes.  They all looked really nice.

At the end of the program all of the younger kids went up on stage and sang a few songs. 

Cruz pretty much stood just like this and did not sing one single word.  For a child who normally sings all day long that made me a little sad.

He stood beside his friend Diana who was eating a red sucker the whole time.  At one point she passes it over to Cruz and he sucks on it for a moment.  You can notice her clothes are still a little wet too.  I don't know how their teacher survived the year.

Here is a video of the kids singing.  They sang in English and Spanish.

I still cannot believe the school year is over.  It went by fast! I am thankful for all the things Cruz learned and for all the friends he made.  He sure had himself a blast! 

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