Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bible Study

This past weekend we did our last Bible studies before we leave for the States. It was a little sad. We have enjoyed getting to go and share God's Word on a regular basis with the people in Nearar and Lagunetas.  Teaching is something we both enjoy doing and living in this area has given us a chance to do a little of that.  We are going to miss seeing the people, but will look forward to reconnecting with them when we return.

On Saturday morning we headed up the mountain to the village of Lagunetas.  It was a little cloudy and cool at our house that morning which usually indicates that it will be cold in the village.  Cold and windy it was!  Thankfully I had grabbed our jackets before we left.  I meet outside with the kids there and we were all very chilly as we sat around on the ground and had our Bible story time. 

Here are my sweet boys walking up the trail to the house. 

Stopping for a quick picture

Our Bible story theme was "God Will Take Care of Me".  It was taken from Matthew 6.   After our story we made these birds out of hand and footprints to remind us that if God takes care of the birds and flowers, how much more will He take care of us.  The kids had fun making them even though the wind was blowing everything all around.
Cruz's bird craft

A group photo with most of the kids (a few had already left). 

I am going to miss these kids terribly.  They are precious and I enjoy getting to be with them.  I assured them that I would be back and that made them smile.  I encouraged the older girls to continue to share the stories with the younger kids while I am gone.  I pray that they will do that.  Would you join me in praying for each of these kids?  Pray also for the youth and adults that David teaches in this village.  Pray that the door will remain open for us to return and continue teaching there once our time in the States is over.

On Sunday morning David made his last hike in the village of Nearar for a while.  I am sure that is a part of his job that he won't be missing very much, ha.   It is pretty exhausting.   Anyway, he had a great time of study there as well.  We are thankful for the believers in that village who faithfully gather and study God's Word together in spite of many around them who are not supportive.  Please pray for these young believers to stay strong in their faith and continue to meet weekly while we are gone.

Reyes and most of his family
They open their home for the Bible study.

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