Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ben's 19 Month Update

Today our sweet little Ben turns 19 months old!

*   He weighs around 20 pounds
*   He wears size 18 month clothes and some size 12 month pants and shorts
*   He wears size 3 diaper
*   He wears size 4 shoes
*   He has light brown hair and blue/ gray eyes

*   He is saying more and more words every day.   If you ask him to repeat a word after you he will attempt to say any and all words except for the name Cruz.  He will not say his brothers name.  He calls him brother/ bubby only.  The words he uses most are milk, more, waa waa (water).  He knows many animals names and can point to most all of them when asked, but for some animals he only says what sound they make when you ask what they are.  For example- he won't say "cow" he says mooo.  His favorite animal is a chicken.
*   He loves all books and loves for you to read to him.  His favorite books are the ones about animals.
*   He loves trucks, cars, and motorcycles.
*   He loves to wash his hands and asks to do so many times throughout the day.
*   He has a temper and boy does it flare up often.  When he gets mad or upset it takes him the longest time to calm down and be "okay".
*   He is one of those "fall out in the floor and just have a fit" kind of kids.  He can get SO mad.

*   He is a good eater despite him being so small.  His favorites are pizza, yogurt, grapes, and mandarin oranges.  He is a great self-feeder.  I cut all of his food up into bite-sized pieces but some days he does not like me to do it.  I think he notices his brothers plate with uncut food on it and wants the same.  When he is done eating he wants to pick up every single piece of leftover food and put it back onto his plate.  He is a little OCD about it.  He will also start throwing his food if you do not help him do this fast enough.  He wants a clean try- NOW.
*   He is still a great napper/ sleeper.  He is trying to transition to one long nap a day.  Sometimes he still takes two naps and some days just an afternoon nap after lunch.  It really depends on what time he wakes up in the morning.  When he is sleepy he wants to be put to bed.  Many days he will walk to the bedroom and stand outside the door waiting for us to come open the door so he can go inside and get in the bed.  I love that about him.   He has also turned into a late sleeper.  By late I mean sleeping until between 7- 8:00.  It's heavenly after having an early riser (Cruz)!
*   He loves music and loves to dance!
*   He loves watching cartoons and will sit very still and watch a show he likes (unlike his brother who is 3.5 and still cannot sit still through a whole show).  Their favorite channel is Discovery Kids.  They LOVE Peppa!  They will both run and get soo excited when it comes on.  They also like Fresh Beat Band (because of the music and dancing), Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Backyardigans, and Doki.
*   He does not like getting his hair combed especially at night after bath time.
*   When he sees something that is normally hot he will reach his open hand out to it and say "hot".  He loves to touch our coffee cups that are full of hot coffee and tell us that they are hot.

(here he is telling me to shhhhh.  He has learned that from watching us tell that to his brother)
*   When someone does something good he loves to clap his hands and say "bravo".  He does it every time Cruz finishes singing a song.  
*   He always shouts "amen" when you finish praying.  It is precious!
*   He loves to stand under the shower and let the water fall on him.
*   He likes to be naked.
*   He is not a big sharer.  He wants everything his brother has but is terrible about letting his brother see something he has.  
*   He is very jealous of his brother.  
*   He has the sweetest smile and giggle.  He can be so fun to play with.
*   He loves and adores his brother!  He is definitely Cruz's little shadow.

He is precious in every way and we adore him.  I love that he loves to give me kisses (especially at bedtime).  He gives big neck hugs and always blows good-bye kisses.  I just could eat him up some days!

Happy 19 Month Birthday, Baby Ben!
Daddy, Mommy, and Cruz love you!!!

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