Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Weekend in Honduras

On Friday afternoon when the kids got up from their naps we drove over to Copan, Honduras for the weekend. The kids and I wanted to visit the Ag Institute and be there for some of the training. Instead of driving back and forth we just stayed the weekend. It was a lot of fun and here are some photos of our time there.

The training in Honduras is going well.  They ended up with 11 students.  Here is a photo of most of them.  They were getting ready to eat supper and then have their Bible study time with David on Friday night.  Noe is the young guy on the far left.  He works at the Center and helps take care of the students while they are there.  The Center has bunk rooms and the students live there during the two week training time.

The boys loved running and playing there.  Here's Cruz playing soccer on Friday night.

The boys always love looking at the animals.  Here they are checking out the chickens.  They love chickens!

I love this sweet picture of them.  They were heading up the hill to go see the goats and rabbits.

Speaking of rabbits, that is what was on the menu for supper Friday night at the Center.  I was thankful that I had made the boys and I some PBJ's.  We sat outside and had a little picnic by ourselves.

Here is David teaching on Friday night.  He shared the story of the flood and when he asked the students if they had heard that story before none of them raised their hands.   It made me sad and also thankful for the many years of Sunday School I attended in the States.

This picture makes me smile because at one point during the teaching Ben walked up to the front, sat in this chair, and turned to listen to his daddy share.  It was really sweet and blessed my heart.

Me and my boys having some fun with a flashlight on a dark Friday night in Honduras

Saturday morning began with a big, delicious breakfast.  Here is David's plate.  He had scrambled eggs, black beans, plantains, cheese, a mini tamale, tortillas, fruit, orange juice, and coffee (lots of coffee).  I ordered the Desayuno Americano (American breakfast) which included scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, fruit, toast, and jelly. 

Cruz and Ben both enjoyed watching this turtle swim in the fountain.

What travel trip would not be complete without a family photo so we took this one on Saturday morning at a lookout near Copan.

And just in case you are wondering how I got Cruz to smile so big, I promised him if he would smile I would let him take a picture when we finished.  He smiled and then wanted to take a picture of me and David.  He loves getting my camera and taking pictures.  I think this is probably one of the very few pictures I have of just David and I since we had kids. 

We spent some time in town that day looking around before we went back out to the Ag Center for Bible study.  We were eager to get there to see Mr. Harold and Mr. Perry who had arrived in town on Friday.  Mr. Harold is a retired IMB missionary to the Philippines and also Dan's dad.  Both of these men serve on the Board of Directors for the Baptist Rural Life Ministries which is part of the Ag work in Honduras. We always enjoy getting to visit and be around them.  After the study we all met up for supper and enjoyed some fellowship time.  I wish our boys would have allowed us more freedom to sit and chat but when you have small kids a sit down meal with anyone is almost impossible.  In spite of that we were just glad to be in their company.

Mr. Perry, Dan, Mr. Harold, Cruz, me, David, and Ben

Sunday morning after breakfast Cruz sweetly asked me "may I go play in the grass?"  We do not have any grass at our house so I was excited to see him run, play, and roll in the grass there.
As you can see from this picture he had himself a ball!

Afterwards we went for a nature trail walk.  It was very shady and breezy and just a good time to be out enjoying the outdoors.

Cruz and me on the nature trail

While out walking we came across one of the Mayan Ruin sites.  Most of it was still being excavated.  This site was called "El Cerro Del Puma Precioso" (Hill of the Precious Puma).  Thankfully we didn't see any pumas although Cruz was certain that at any moment either a bear or a crocodile was going to come out of the woods and eat us.  I think he was nervous the whole time we were gone, ha.

I'd say he had fun there, what about you?

After a few minutes to catch our breath in the a/c and a lot of water we loaded our car for the trip back home to Guatemala.  David was not scheduled to teach on Sunday night so we were able to head back home.  We stopped for an early lunch/ snack before leaving town.  We wanted to return to the coffee shop we discovered on our last trip to Honduras.  We remembered the delicious waffles we had read about on their menu and wanted to give them a try.  I was glad we did!

Casa Ixchel coffee shop/ restaurant in Copan, Honduras- a great place to visit if you are in town.

I ordered the Caramel waffle and David tried the Bananaberry.   Both consisted of a waffle covered with strawberries and bananas, whip cream, and ice cream.  Mine had caramel sauce over the top.  David's had a strawberry jelly/ syrup drizzled over the top.  Both were very delicious and very filling!

To wash it down I had a frozen caramel frappe and the boys shared a pineapple coconut banana smoothie.  Both of these were yummy delicious also.  David had bottled water which is what we were all wanting after the sugar overload from our meal.  ha

We returned home to unpack, wash clothes, nap, do Cruz's homework, cook supper, etc.   It was a great weekend but we were all tired and ready to get to bed early. David will continue teaching at the Center this week and we will all look forward to attending the small graduation service when the training is over.  One week down, one week to go.

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