Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Week In Pictures

It's been a long, busy week around here. David has traveled back and forth to Honduras three nights which has left me at home with the kids. It's been fun but also exhausting. On Monday night they were playing in their room together so well and quiet that I just left them to play for a while. When I peeked in to check on them this is the "oops we've been busted" look I got-
The rest of the room was just as messy. 

As soon as they saw me smile (which indicated to them that they were not in trouble) they were all smiles too.

This has been Cruz's last week of school.  I am making him a scrapbook using all of the pictures I have taken of him this school year.  I realized I did not have a photo of him with his  P.E. coach so I took one on Tuesday.  One of his favorite parts of school has been P.E.  It started out on Thursdays but was moved to Tuesdays about half way through the school year.  He gets to wear his P.E. uniform and just loves all of the extra activities they do on that day.   He comes home extra tired when it is over, but always happy to tell me what he did.

Cruz and Olman his P.E. coach

Also on Tuesday he had his Artistic Expression exam.  They made sock puppets.  The note that was sent home asking for the supplies said to bring "un calcetin largo que no sea largo".  Translated that means "a long sock that is not long".   Now that's about as clear as mud, right?  ha   It also could not be white.  So, I stopped by the market and bought him a pair of navy blue socks and I think his puppet turned out very cute.  He named him Carlos.

Also on Tuesday I got a call about mid-morning asking if I could come to the school a little early with Cruz's Tecun Uman costume so they could take pictures of him.  They have had a photographer there off and on lately doing school pictures and miscellaneous pictures of the kids.  So I went early and got him dressed.  He is pictured with Joselin who was the Nina Monja Blanca (the girl with the highest grade in the 3-5 year olds).  Tecun Uman is Guatemala's National Hero and the Monja Blanca is Guatemala's National Flower.

Cruz and Joselin
While the photographer was getting ready I took this photo of them together.  I have no idea why Cruz is standing like a flamingo, ha.

Later that afternoon some of our IMB colleagues arrived to stay the night with us.  They were in the area so I offered our guestroom for them to sleep.  Chuck was one of them and we were very excited to know that he was visiting Guatemala and we really wanted to get to hang out with him.  He is such a cool guy and a lot of fun.  We don't see him often but when we do we like to talk and visit.  He is currently serving in Panama.

David, Ben, Cruz, me, Chuck, and David

Wednesday was a big day at our house.  Ben turned 18 months old and it was Cruz's last day of school.  I'll blog about both of those in separate posts, but here's a little preview-

how can it be that my baby is half way to 2!!!

and my other baby just finished a year of school and is half way to 4!!! (sniff, sniff)

It was also "Pet Day" at school.  All of the kids got to bring their pets to school.  You can imagine the chaos that caused.  We do not have any pets so Cruz just enjoyed playing with everyone elses.  Here he is with Ricky.  Ricky belongs to Carlos who is one of Cruz's classmates.  Cruz loved walking this dog around.  On the way home from school he asked me could he have "a little dog with sharp teeth and a rope so I can tie him up".   He's funny.

Below are a few of the fun things Cruz has eaten this week at home.  I love to make his food "fun".
grilled cheese sandwich with strawberries, raisins, and jelly

scrambled eggs with cheese, raisins, cinnamon toast, peaches, and cream

While Cruz was at school Wednesday morning we took Ben to a local shop in Jocotan to get a haircut.  I had held out as long as I could stand it.  It was either cut his bangs or use a barrette.  She cut more of his hair than I would have wanted but it was definitely needed.

                              he sat very still in my lap and played with a balloon the whole time

On Thursday morning we took the boys to get measured for some scrubs.  I plan to have both of them a pair made for Christmas and also a lab coat for Cruz.  They love playing dress-up and I anticipate many days of them being doctor and us being their sick patients during those cold winter days in the States.  I bought some fabric and took it to the same guy who made Cruz's Tecun Uman costume.  I know you can buy kids scrubs in the States but they are not cheap.  I am thinking I can buy the fabric and have someone here make them for much cheaper.  I'll see how they turn out...

Ben getting measured for his scrubs

Later that night we were back in Honduras for the graduation service at the Ag Institute.  I'll post about that in a separate post also.
me and David at the border crossing in Honduras

Today we have spent the morning at Cruz's school meeting with the director and teachers and getting information about the school graduation program.  It is scheduled for next Friday afternoon.   I am looking forward to a quiet afternoon (is that possible with little ones around) and then a fun night on the town with my sweet little family.    Happy Friday Y'all!  We hope you have a great weekend.

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